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No crostini for me, please

July 4, 2009

Tonight we ate at Kenny’s Wood Fired Grill.

To say that we were underdressed is an understatement.

But the food was awesome.  We had the tenderloin crostini (no crostini for me, please) and the silver star burgers (the ciabatta bun looked [and, according to Matt, tasted] to-die-for).  In fact, they also brought out a popover for him before the appetizer that Matt enjoyed so intensely that I wondered if this was an upscale grill or a bakery in disguise (run, run away!).

And, even better, they had creme brulee on the dessert menu, which is like a little ramekin of gluten-free heaven.

We felt pretty comfortable with their attention to my standard “if a speck of flour touches my food, you’ll be sorry!” speech, but the true test will come when I wake up tomorrow.

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