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Road Eats

July 14, 2009

One of the reasons I’m happiest that places like Starbucks are jumping on the gluten-free train is because I travel somewhat frequently.

While eating out in Dallas isn’t all that hard due to the array of nice(r) restaurants (the sheer variety itself is impressive), eating out in Oklahoma (where I’m headed on Thurs) is much harder.  I’ve never had good luck at chain restaurants.  Even restaurants with supposed gluten-free menus are spotty and inconsistent at best.  Sure, I can eat a bowl of iceberg lettuce with a few shriveled grape tomatoes (and maybe a few cucumber slices, if they’re feeling fancy) at pretty much any restaurant there is, but given how exciting that is, I might as well not eat.  Anything more exciting is also more risky and often it isn’t worth getting sick so I can eat an unseasoned, unmarinated dry chicken breast along with my bowl of iceberg lettuce.

So what to do?  Avoid eating out as much as possible.

These babies have saved me from gnawing off my arm on more than one occasion:

So bad, yet so good

So bad, yet so good

Unfortunately, these life-savers aren’t always an option.  Sometimes due to the length of the trip or the meetings scheduled, running to a store to purchase one is not going to happen.   In those cases, I usually live on Starbucks, but that is unrealistic long-term.

So, I’m in need of some recommendations for super safe GF choices while on the road because I don’t think I can choke down another iceberg salad and my love of the Sbux Orange Valencia cakes only goes so far.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.  🙂

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