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Meetings, Meetings, and more Meetings

July 20, 2009

I don’t know about you, but Mondays start the week off with a roar.  Everyone wants to schedule meetings for Mondays, which, on top of everything else that lands on my desk on a Monday, is just perfect.

Generally, the promise of coffee is what gets my butt out of bed in the morning.

My Starbucks buddies had this waiting for me this morning:

See the check in the background?  I regret to say it was not made out to me.

Nonfat Misto. Amazing.

The check in the background was, unfortunately, not made out to me.

After 2 phone meetings and furiously filing sales taxes for the better part of the morning, it was time for breakfast part dos.

Unappetizing picture #1

Unappetizing picture #1

Despite its stellar appearance, this was actually pretty good:  cottage cheese, blueberries, and walnuts.   It kept me full for a long time.

Lunch part one was a very unexciting cup of coffee and iceberg lettuce salad at meeting #3 which just so happened to also take up my lunchtime.   I’m sure you can imagine what a cup of coffee and iceberg lettuce looks like.

Since lettuce offers little in the satiety arena, I was ready to gnaw off my arm after about an hour.  I managed to hold out, since I happened to be in meeting #4 at that point.

Possibly the most creative pic I've ever taken

Possibly the most creative pic I've ever taken

I would say to imagine this with cottage cheese on top, since that was how I ate it, but you’re better off not.  It wasn’t good, but it wasn’t the vegetables’ fault.  Included in this super pretty salad was red pepper, summer squash, carrots, tomatoes, celery and greens.

My afternoon snack was a very predictable oat bran and cottage cheese.  I should note that everyone resists the cottage cheese and oat bran combo when they hear about it, but it’s actually awesome.

I was feeling less than inspired when packing today’s food, but good grief – I consumed nearly a whole tub of cottage cheese today!

Unappetizing picture #2

Unappetizing picture #2

Really – this combo is amazing.  It’s perfect fuel for torturing myself on the revolving stairs of death at the gym, which I am happy to report was not all that bad today.  I only slightly died.

Dinner was fantastic.

A serving of GF pasta (Tinkyada) with a ton of veggies (asparagus, carrots, summer squash, red pepper, and snap peas), marinara, and a healthy sprinkle of part-skim mozzarella.  A-mazing.

I’m about to kick back with this:

And then head to bed as getting up at the crack of dawn to catch a flight isn’t easy when there isn’t a Starbucks at the airport!


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