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It’s all the same in the end

July 25, 2009

I apologize for not posting last night.  After an atrocious end to an atrocious week, I was in my PJs and in bed by 9, ready to end the work week as soon as possible.

Breakfast was the bright spot in my day.  I have heard the unfortunate news and confirmed with my trusty Starbucks buddies:  No more Valencia Orange cakes.  (Side note:  since those suckers came out, I’ve been calling them “Orange Valencia cakes” which is rather akin to calling them “Pineapple Dole cakes”.  Oops.)

I posted about this a while back.  I’m not surprised.  If they’re not selling, the company isn’t going to keep investing in them.  Starbucks isn’t a charity and I’ve seen a multitude of Starbucks stores close down in the last year.  They won’t keep them around if they aren’t profitable.

But I’m still very sad.

So, when I happened upon what might be my last chance to eat one of these babies ever again, I had to.

Breakfast of champions

Breakfast of champions

R.I.P., Delicious Orange Cake

R.I.P., Delicious Orange Cake

After that, the day went downhill as did did the nutritional value and photograph-quality of my food.

Cottage cheese and pineapple with a side of coffee maker

Cottage cheese and pineapple with a side of break room coffee maker

This was supposed to be part one of my lunch.  Part 2 was going to be a big salad that I went home to make and eat, but alas, I never made it home and ended up eating part one during a meeting in the conference room.  I also managed to spill part of it on the table.

I should have seen that as an indicator of what the rest of the day would bring.

I managed to eat some more oat bran with cottage cheese before I left the office.  It was kind of sad:  making my oat bran whilst the rest of the office ate homemade brownies someone brought in.  It was also kind of scary: there were brownie crumbs everywhere.

I promise this tastes better than it looks

I promise this tastes better than it looks

No gym yesterday.  Keeping my sanity was enough of a workout.

Upon arriving home, I had one of these:


Jello Cinnamon Rice Pudding

I’m not sure if these agree with my tummy or not.  Something I ate yesterday didn’t and I will not entertain the possibility that it was my beloved Valencia Orange cake.

Nothing sounded good for dinner.  We tossed back and forth ideas of pizza, some sort of pasta dish, salads, breakfast for dinner,  etc.  Pizza sounded the best but after the week I had, going to the effort to make it was not going to happen.  I had decided on a nutritionally sound and vegetable-less dinner of chocolate chips and wine so we headed to the grocery store as my chocolate chip supply was nonexistant.

Rounding the corner of the baking aisle, I happened upon the sight of something almost too good to be true.

Do you hear the angels singing?

Do you hear the angels singing?

I have been waiting for these mixes to come to any one of the 8 billion grocery stores in the DFW metro since they were released in June.  I have looked every single time I have gone to a grocery store since then and have always been disappointed.

Not today!  I found these beauties at Albertson’s.

I also found and purchased the brownie mix, only to look at the ingredients when I got home and see that it contains Xanthan gum.  *insert expletive here*  It’s going back tomorrow, or I would be happy to barter it if anyone was interested.

Anyway, I abandoned the chocolate chip and red wine dinner idea and replaced it with an equally awesome dinner choice of chocolate chip cookies.

The verdict?  They were awesome.  Except I some really bright person had the idea to add a splash of water to the batter as it was incredibly hard to mix, which made the cookies spread a little too much while baking.  But they were still the best GF chocolate chip cookies I’ve had since going GF.  Hands down.

Part of this reason, I’m sure, is my inability to ever follow a recipe to a T – partly because I typically cannot have all the ingredients it calls for (i.e. Xanthan Gum or corn starch) and partly because I’m ornery and think that somehow my mix of flours will work better than the recipe creator.   Thus, my baked goods are often hit-or-miss.

But no longer!  Not when all I have to do is throw in a stick of butter, vanilla, and an egg!  How can I mess that up?

Unfortunately, I have no pictures of the end result, as my camera battery died and I was not going to wait to eat the fresh, warm, edible chocolate chip cookies until after my battery charged.  No way.

Rest assured, they were amazing and made my day a whole lot better.

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