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Movie night

July 25, 2009

In typical Saturday morning fashion, I drank a lot of this:

Weekend coffee

Weekend coffee

And ate my new favorite breakfast food, which conveniently used up the very last of my fresh blueberries.

Protein pancakes with blueberries

Protein pancakes with blueberries

I went a little overboard on the syrup there.  The blueberries were kind of drowning.

The pancakes held me over forever.  We did typical Saturday stuff:  grocery shopping, yard work, food prep for next week.  We’re working on a really good from-scratch BBQ sauce, as all commercial brands use corn syrup and some aren’t even GF.  One of my favorite easy meals used to be grilled chicken with BBQ sauce, but I can’t find a single pre-bottled type I would consider consuming.

What makes it even more difficult is that every recipe I find calls for Worcestershire sauce, another thing that has corn syrup in every single commercial brand.  So making BBQ sauce first calls for making Worcestershire sauce, which we attempted this afternoon.  If it turns out well after it cools overnight, I’ll post the recipe.  I have my fingers crossed.

By the time we started making dinner it was quite late.  Hunger hit me like a ton of bricks and I had one of these babies:

String cheese

String cheese

Dinner tonight was pizza and salad, but I was too full from the pizza to eat all the salad.  The salad had spinach, carrot, cuke, red pepper, yellow squash, celery, and pineapple.



What is shown  is most certainly not all the pizza that was consumed.  I had another plate full, which is what made me unable to finish my awesome salad.

And now I’m watching Defiance and doing a little of this:

Ghiradelli crack milk chocolate chips.

And a lot of this:

Gnarly Head Cab – inexpensive and really good.

I’ve got a full day tomorrow of catching up on work, general housework and some fun stuff.

Back to the movie!

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