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Meat and Potatoes

July 26, 2009

There are very few great things about being gluten-free – the exception being not feeling like absolute death all the time.  For me, the silver lining is finding things that don’t have to be altered to be GF.

I’m a meat-and-potatoes person.  I’ve always loved steak.  I worked at a Steakhouse in college and the best part of working there was the 50% discount on food.  I could get a really good steak for $8.   The amount I used that discount bordered on abuse.

At the grocery store yesterday, they had a decent special on filet mignon, which is my very favorite cut of steak.  It’s too hot to grill (or so my husband says) so we decided to pan sear the steaks like the cool kids  do on Top Chef.  A good marinade, some baked then smashed potatoes, a big salad, and dinner was set.  The best part was, nothing had to be substituted with an inferior GF product.

But, I digress.  First came breakfast.

Actually, first came coffee.  But you know what that looks like.

In an attempt to make my Sunday morning protein pancakes a lot more exciting, I added half of a super thinly sliced banana to the pancakes after I poured them in the pan.

After a few bites, I realized that I apparently do not like bananas in my pancakes.  At all.  It ruined the whole pancake experience.  I ate them anyway, but the look on my face while chewing must have been priceless.  No wasting food in this house.

Apparently the only way I’ll eat a banana is raw.  That’s the other half  with a half tablespoon of PB&Co’s Dark Chocolate Dreams Peanut Butter.  My husband thinks it looks like something I’m not going to type out.  You draw your own conclusions.

Again, these pancakes held me over forever.  I didn’t need lunch, but I should probably attribute that to the fact that I ate these at noon which, by definition, makes them lunch.  🙂

I did have 2 string cheese sticks before dinner.

When we got married, one of our gripes about this particular line of dishes was that there was no “in between” bowl that was bigger than a soup bowl but smaller than a mixing bowl.  It wasn’t enough to deter us from registering for the line, but it certainly is annoying at times.

Enter side salad the size of my head.

This monster contained greens, cukes, carrots, red pepper, and tomato.  Typical.

Along with the salad and steak, I also had what ended up being far too large of a portion of smashed potatoes with cheddar and sour cream.  I should have had half that portion because I’m ridiculously full right now.  But give me a potato and I will eat it.

But not too full to enjoy the remainder of the chocolate chip cookies I baked on Friday.

We split these, but I probably should have passed on them becuase I was too full already.

But they were good!  Even better than on Friday, which is how all of my GF baked goods behave.  Not sure why.

We’re watching A Few Good Men now and marveling at how young Tom Cruise looks.  Of course, the movie is 17 years old.

Still a few more hours left in the weekend, which would be best spent with a glass of vino on the couch.

Happy Sunday!

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