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Thursday? Or Friday?

July 30, 2009

I woke up this morning to the soothing sounds of house-shaking thunder and the National Weather system’s recorded voice notifying us of the tornados in the area via my alarm clock.

Zeus was rather fascinated by the rain.

And of course, being awake for more than an hour would be unbearable without some coffee.  I noticed that the drive-thru line at Starbucks was ridiculously long.  C’mon people, a little rain won’t kill you.

I was really excited to find what might be (one of) my last Valencia Orange cake(s) at Starbucks this morning.  In fact, I’m kind of wondering if this is actually a marketing ploy to get those of us who are mourning the potential loss of these guys to snap up every one we can get our hands on.

I’m of course falling totally victim to this because I’m going to eat them every chance I get.

Same old, same old.  But I’m really loving this breakfast combo for the convenience and satiety.

Which reminds me, I didn’t eat part two of breakfast (oats and cottage cheese) because I was full from the cake/banana combo, but I did manage to leave the oats soaking in a little water (a last-ditch effort to get the oats to cook faster in the office microwave than it takes to harvest them) in the office fridge, so they’ll probably be slush by Monday and the office fridge will have consumed yet another meal of mine.

No lunch, as I had that really awesome deadline at 2:45 today that I did manage to meet, but only by working like a mad person from 7 AM straight on through.


And I apologize, but dinner is exactly the same as yesterday.  It was that good.

Well, actually, I was really tired after about 80 straight work hours and the first workout of the week and didn’t feel like doing anything more complicated than sticking something pre-made in the microwave.

But it really is very good.

Mexican Chicken Chili.

I’m still hungry, but it’s late and the wine and chocolate are calling.

I took tomorrow off, so tonight is my Friday night.  The last 2 weeks at work have been insane.  I’m looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow, having a long workout at the gym (workouts were the first to go this week when I did nearly nothing besides work and sleep), and sitting on the couch reading mindless magazines.  🙂

And I’d like to see a movie this weekend.  Any recommendations?

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