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Repeat Performance

August 3, 2009

Today was too hectic for words.

“Breakfast” was eaten at 12:45.

“Lunch” was eaten at 4:45.

I got my hair cut after work and then had a really nice, albeit underfueled, run.

Lucky for you, I pulled a container of the Mexican Chicken Chili out of the freezer for a repeat performance.

I topped that bad boy with a pile of guacamole, but it was in my mouth too fast to photograph.

I also had a typical not-so-typical salad.

Look what I found at the grocery store this weekend!

It’s a yellow zucchini!


I chopped up a quarter of Mr. Sunshine and plopped him in with some greens, red pepper, and celery.

Something about this salad tasted “off”.  I refuse to believe it is my new best friend, so I’m going to assume it is the greens, which might have been a little past their prime.

Last night’s “dinner” deserved a repeat performance.

I’d usually say something like “note: this is a salad plate – contents are smaller than they appear”, which this is, but it also is a pretty big serving and I might have had another one.  Possibly.


I’ve been drinking a lot of (unpictured) Fennel tea lately and I swear it is helping my stomach to generally feel well.  It tastes like regurgitated licorice but when mixed with chamomile tea, it is possible to gag it down.  But I’ll gladly drink (most) anything that keeps my tummy happy.  Any other tricks and tips for upset tummies would be much appreciated.  🙂

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