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August 4, 2009

Coffee this morning was much needed and particularly good.  I asked for my “treat” receipt intending on going back for another one, but alas, that never happened.

Car Coffee

Interestingly enough, my Starbucks still has the Valencia Orange cakes.

At this point, I’m kind of wondering how old they are since they are supposedly discontinued.

But beggars cannot be choosers, so you’ll probably see one of the weeks-old ones here tomorrow.  (And I wonder why my tummy gets upset)

I’m proud to say that I ate my banana-peanut butter combo earlier than usual today.

This + peanut butter.

I had another lunchtime meeting today.  I just had coffee again, much to the chagrin of the waitress we had last week, who has made it her personal goal to get me to eat something.  I’m way too polite to tell her that her restaurant has consistenly made me feel like I was run over by a semi.

Lunch was the product of last weekend’s cooking fest.

This is another Rachel Ray recipe.  She drives me nuts, but she has really great soups.  I omit the potatoes.

I had a Fage 2% with blueberries for a snack but my camera ate the picture.  I guess it was hungry, too.

I had an emergency purse pack of almonds later on.  They tasted good but made me a little nauseous later on.  Stupid almonds.

And I hit up the gym for a rendevous with the weights and my on-again-off-again love:  the stair climber.  Hurts so good.

Dinner started with the lazy gal’s salad:  greens topped with (previously) frozen veggies – green beans, carrots, squash, red pepper, and sugar snap peas.  Not so into the water chestnuts (happened to be a random asian blend I’d found) in a salad.

Then there was the lazy person’s sandwich (are you feeling the theme?): leftover Mexican Pot Roast with a little mayo (about a half tablespoon), a slice of reduced-fat provolone, and Kinnikinnick sandwich bread.

Easy and definitely the best thing I’d put in my mouth all day.

Snackies for tonight:

I really like this wine.  If I had realized it was a screw-top, I probably wouldn’t have purchased it , but I’m glad I did.  It’s quite good.

I’m certainly not snobby about wine – I almost never spend more than $15 on a bottle just for me – but I haven’t generally found screw-top bottles to be as good as their cork counterparts.

Though, the screw-tops are way easier to open and that does fit with the whole laziness thing.

And then there were chocolate chips as usual.  Super classy in the tupperware container.  I used to do a bit of dark chocolate (Dove is a favorite) with wine (if you haven’t tried it, you haven’t been living), but Dove especially is a bit hard to nibble at without making a mess.  Chocolate chips are the perfect size and shape:  pop one in your mouth, let it melt a little, then take a sip of wine.

Repeat, many times.

Good stuff.

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