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No more bananas

August 5, 2009

I stayed up way past my bedtime reading blogs working last night, so getting up this morning was far more difficult than normal.  Eons ago, I used to workout in the morning.  Rolling my butt out of bed with enough time to shower, throw on some makeup and clothes and rush out the door is about as much as I can handle these mornings.

Starbucks… at Starbucks.

Sorry for the less-than-stellar picture (because all my photos are star-quality), but I haven’t gotten used to whipping out my camera in a crowded place full of people that haven’t had their morning coffee yet.

Speaking of that, has anyone else noticed that some of the most aggressive drivers frequent the Starbucks parking lot?  Not that I’ve got my A game on at 7 AM before my morning misto, but some people are truly scary without their AM shot of caffeine.

Mid-morning, there was a banana + pb.

My stomach isn’t liking something about that combo because for the last 3 days, it has felt perfectly fine from the time I wake up to about 2:30-ish.  Because I wake up feeling good, it has to be something I’m eating during the day and the only common denominator (excepting coffee) is the monkey food.

I had this yogurt + frozen bluebs + payroll journal entry around noon.

The last time I bought Fage, every single one went bad long before its expiration date.  It probably had something to do with the hour-plus it was out of the fridge since I had the bright idea to stop by the dry cleaners and car wash on my way home from Whole Foods.   Smart.

Anyway, I grimace before I take the first bite of every one of these, expecting it to bite back.  So far, so good.

The storms started rolling in late this afternoon and the sky looked ready to open up and swallow something by the time I left the office, so I made the lazy smart decision to skip the gym and sit on the couch reading email.  Decisions like that are totally going to get me abs of steel.

I had two part-skim mozzarella cheese sticks that disappeared into my mouth before I could get to the camera.  Sneaky little things.

Dinner was really original, totally unique:

You guessed it:  Mexican Chicken Chili over rice with (light) sour cream, cheese, and a ton of Louisiana hot sauce.

Last time for a while, I promise.  The little bit that is left is buried deep in the freezer.

This was a pretty substantial (in both volume and calories) dinner but since I hadn’t eaten any lunch or a snack, I was hungry again pretty quickly.

We also had some strawberries that should have been eaten this weekend and a nectarine the size of a softball that was taunting me every time I opened the fridge.

Underneath the pile o’ fruit is some plain Oikos.  I threw some chopped cherries on top for good measure.

This was one of those situations where I was starving when I initiated the chopping process and not all that hungry when I was done.  I would eat this a lot more often but the amount of time it takes to prep is somewhat off-putting.  Maybe I cut slow.

Tomorrow is my favorite day of the week and I have a gym date after work (!!!) – Friday is almost here!

We’re settled in with the kittens and I’m about to make some progress on the bottle of wine I opened last night.   Possibly with some chocolate chips.

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