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Orange Beacons of Light

August 6, 2009
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Happy Thursday, blog world!I could not get out of bed this morning.  We put one of our landline phones in our bedroom last night and apparently it decided we had a new voicemail at some point during the night and started flashing the largest orange beacon of light about the room.  It was like it was signaling a UFO landing.

I first tried to cover it up with a magazine then threw it under the bed. 

I don’t think we need a phone in our room that badly.

You would think I would have been pretty wide-awake after all that, but I managed to fall back asleep and my body was determined to get my normal 8 hours despite my alarm going off for nearly 2 hours (sorry, honey!).

Look what I found at my Starbucks this morning!


Everytime I snatch one of these, I keep thinking it will be my last.  Now I”m quite positive that Starbucks released the news that they would be discontinued to boost sales.

I asked my barista how old these were (since I’ve seen 4 in the basket at the cash register every day this week) and she said they received them today.  What!??  So are they really going to be discontinued?

I’ll say it again:  I think this is all a conspiracy to boost sales.  But I’m sure going to be disappointed when/if they are discontinued. 


I’ve seen quite a few bloggers reusing food containers for bowls lately and I really like the idea.   I should claim that it is for green reasons, but it’s actually out of laziness.  Nice not to have to wash another container or dirty a spoon portioning it out!

I had about half a cup of plain Oikos leftover, so I piled about a cup of blueberries and 3 T. of walnuts into the nearly empty container.  It worked well!  I’ll definitely be doing this again soon.

I have a pretty bad headache and my throat is starting to hut… ugh.  Hope I am not getting sick.  😦

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