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The headache that wouldn’t go away

August 6, 2009

That’s not entirely true.  It did eventually go away but not until after I’d taken about 3 doses of Excedrin Migraine and had one of these:

It’s just my luck that the one morning that I didn’t ask for my “treat” receipt while getting my morning coffee, I actually decided to go get another coffee after 2.  Fortunately for me, the barista working the drive-thru was more interested in my car than in reading the date on my receipt (it was from yesterday).

I brought soup for lunch, but I was still full from both breakfasts.  Probably since they were both so nut-heavy.

I debated eating my soup when I finally got hungry around 4:30, but I hadn’t had really any carbs all day, and I knew I needed the instant energy for the gym.

I don’t think I’ll be eating oats at work very frequently any more.  This oat bran (with cottage cheese and cinnamon) cooked in less than 2 minutes in the reject microwave we have at work, versus about 10 minutes for oats.

I’m trying not to think  about all of the chemicals leaking out of the plastic container into the oats while being microwaved for that long.

The gym was pretty empty tonight which was surprising for a Thursday.  But I had a lot of fun with the hardcore bodybuilder guys who stand around and flex their muscles in the mirror, which leaves more weights and cardio machines for me.

I came home to find this guy

(looking all innocent and cute)

trying to hang out in this guy’s home

(You can tell how he feels about being photographed!)

I don’t know what the fascination is or if it’s a game to him, but we are having a nightmare of a time trying to keep Zeus out of Franklin’s cage.  Franklin is not too happy about having a huge furry monster jump in and out all day long.  Poor guy.

Dinner was pretty simple, but very good .

Tinkyada Rice pasta with sauce, veggies (asparagus, yellow squash, red pepper, snap peas, and carrots), and tons of cheese (mozzarella and cottage cheese for protein since I lifted today).

Yes, that is most definitely a salad bowl.  I like my pasta.


This might be the shocker of the year, but I didn’t actually consume any wine or chocolate chips last night.

Which leaves more for tonight.

Happy almost-Friday!

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