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Let’s blame it on the aliens

August 8, 2009

I couldn’t figure out what to eat for breakfast this morning.  Breakfast-y foods didn’t sound good and I’m staying far away from the banana and peanut butter combo.  Since I don’t eat breakfast at home, it has to be portable and can’t take too much time to make once I’m ready to eat.

So, I had soup.

Who said breakfast had to be breakfast foods, anyway?  It’s completely acceptable to eat breakfast for dinner, so why not the other way around?

I included a corner of the useless microwave for you as well.   Friday bonus.

But before Breakfast came coffee.

When I walked into the store to get my coffee this morning, one of the baristas said they had gotten the official word that the Valencia Orange cakes are no more.  Apparently they are going to use up the rest of the stock in the warehouses but have stopped production.

Ok, so maybe it wasn’t all a marketing ploy.

I had a really nice, really productive lunch meeting.  It was also a very loooooong lunch meeting, so by the time I came back, I was more than ready for a snack…

…which my work laptop ate.

Along with this post.

Sorry guys.  I had a red pepper, yellow squash, and baby carrots dipped in Sabra Hummus.

I am proud to say I am no longer a Sabra virgin.  I’ve read all over the blog world that it is the hummus to have, so when I saw it at the grocery store last weekend, I snagged some.

My previous experience with hummus was this amazing local Oklahoma brand I could find at the health food store there.  It came in flavors like Chipotle, Green Chile, Original, and Artichoke Heart & Red Onion (my favorite).

This stuff was to die for.

The Sabra was not.  It was good, but not great.  And I’m a bit bothered by the fact that I couldn’t find any info on it’s GF status online.  It looked very GF and my tummy so far agrees, but I’m still uncomfortable.

I was a bad boss and kicked everyone out the door at 5.  No one complained.  If I had known what was going to happen, I wouldn’t have been in such a hurry to leave.

About a block away from the office, I pulled up at a stoplight next to a cop. No issues there, I wasn’t speeding nor did I screech to a halt next to him.  When the light turned green, we both eased off the brakes and drove forward.  I went exactly the speed limit so when he switched lanes and got behind me, I didn’t think anything of it.  The left lane was going to turn onto the highway, so I just thought he was getting over early.

And then he pulled me over.

Apparently my registration just expired.  Oops.  He gave me  a strict warning that my car was the only kind in town with Oklahoma plates so I better get registered ASAP.

So while I am quite happy I didn’t get a ticket, I have to wonder why he randomly ran my plates.   I didn’t do anything to piss him off, I wasn’t gunning my engine or breaking any laws.   Apparently he just decided to check.

One thing I’ve always wondered is why police ask you where you’re coming from when they are looking at your license.   I can understand that being a deciding factor in whether to give you a ticket if you were speeding or running red lights, but in this situation?   What did it matter if I was coming from work or church?   And when I told him I was coming from work, he asked where I worked, and then what that company did.  Seriously?   How does that have any impact on whether my registration was expired or not?

I guess I should just be happy that I didn’t get a ticket.

I swung by Starbucks for a Valencia Orange cake after that since it might actually be my last.

I ate him while driving to the gym.

(There’s a lot of irony in that)

The gym was blissful tonight since everyone seems to make Friday their sit on their couches and eat bon-bons rest day.  I spent some quality time on the Stair Climber with this week’s US (pondering whether Jessica Simpson really did gain weight or if her high-waisted pants were just as unflattering as they were ugly, or whether Mischa Barton should have gone to rehab earlier makes the time go by far faster) and lifted weights.

This is what the Stair Climber I use looks like.  I’m sure there are other names for it.

The nice thing about this machine is that there is no cheating.  You will fall on your ass if you don’t keep up.

Not that that has ever happened to me before.  (cough, cough)

I was still somewhat full from the cake when I went to make dinner.  Full, but empty at the same time.  Surely I can’t be the only person who gets that feeling.

I really enjoyed the raw veggies + dip from this afternoon, so I continued the theme.

Zukes, carrots, and celery with what looks like green sludge from some superhero movie but I assure you is really tasty guacamole.

Zucchini and squashes of any sort are my favorite vegetables but I just can’t get on the raw zucchini bandwagon, or at least the raw-zucchini-by-itself-bandwagon.  In salads it’s not bad.

The main part of dinner was the last (I promise!) of the Mexican pot roast on Kinnikinnick bread with cheese and a bit of mayo.  My husband Someone ate the rest of the provolone, so I had cheddar this time.

And after dinner was some predictible red wine and chocolate chips.  Just a little.

We watched Knowing with Nic Cage.  It had a lot of potential and was pretty good until the last 30 minutes and then it seemed like aliens descended from on high and robbed the writers of their brains (or was that the plot of the movie?).  It spiraled downward pretty fast but redeemed itself a little in the end.

Kind of like my day.

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