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Making up for Dinner

August 9, 2009

The cats woke us up early this morning.

It’s really the height of irony that they meow outside our door (or throw themselves mercilessly at it) until we wake up and come out… only so they can sit on our laps and go back to sleep.

I needed extra weekend coffee this morning.

I might have eaten the remainder of the cookies from last night (don’t worry, the husband helped)… standing up, over the kitchen sink.  Possibly.

So I wasn’t all that hungry for breakfast.

Or lunch for that matter.

Cherries.  My new best friend.

And this, that I found at Whole Foods yesterday.

Spread him on a GF waffle whom I sandwiched with another GF waffle spread with grape jam.

Waffle sandwich = amazing.

This almond butter is fantastic.  It’s really cheap (I think it was about $5) for almond butter and way better than Barney Butter, in my opinion.  I do like the 90 calorie packs Barney Butter comes in, though.

I spun (spinned?) for about an hour this afternoon, during which I finally got really hungry.

A date + almond butter combo might have snuck into my mouth when we were cooking dinner.  Just sayin’.

Dinner was a take on shrimp scampi.  The husband used to make it all the time when he was in college in Mobile.

I ate mine on a huge bed of baby spinach, which might have been one of the best things about the dish.

It wasn’t all that good.  The husband thinks that sauces like these make the flavor of rice pasta stand out more than ususal.  And the shrimp, despite being bought yesterday and having been flown in from the coast on Friday, wasn’t the greatest.

It might be time to hit up Braum’s for some ice cream to make up for dinner.

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