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August 10, 2009

A little corny?  Yeah, I think so too.

Despite having some issues falling asleep last night, I was wide awake this morning when my alarm went off.

The cats were kind enough to serve as a second alarm.  You would think they would get tired of meowing continuously after a while.

I cut up a huge watermelon on Saturday so I brought a big bowl of it to work.  I love watermelon – I think it is my favorite fruit.  Sometimes it can be a little mealy, but this one was absolutely perfect.  It could be because I cut him up immediately, instead of procrastinating and letting him eventually die in the fridge.

(To Matt:  no, Mr. Watermelon did not die this time.)

I only ate about half of this enormous bowl.

I also had some yogurt and blackberries because there was no way just watermelon was going to hold me over longer than half an hour.

Not that the yogurt held me over long, either.

This stuff is amazing.  Best greek yogurt ever.

Typical Monday at the office, except both bosses are on vacation.  Had a lunch meeting where I drank coffee and came back to my new favorite snackie.

Zucchini strips, red pepper strips, and little carrots with guacamole.  This zucchini was much better raw.  Maybe the one I had last week was just a little off?  I’m not giving up on the raw zukes yet.

For lunch I had some Chicken Cacciatore soup.

I make mine with triple the veggies (portabellos, red peppers, onion, tomatoes, and celery) and no potatoes.

Back to the grind.  I have a lot to get done before a mid-week meeting and am hoping to take Friday off for a little R&R.

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