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A DMV survival story

August 11, 2009
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I generally am not one for conspiracies, but since my run-in with the policeman on Friday, I have visions of him following me everywhere to make sure I get TX plates.

Since I really don’t need any more anxiety and stress in my life, I made the lunchtime trek to the Dallas County Courthouse in the West End to get it taken care of.

I must say, I was really dreading this.  That’s actually why I have lived here 10 months and am just now doing it.  I have never had a good experience with the DMV, in Texas or Oklahoma.

Matt actually grew tired of nagging me to go get it done and finally gave up after near daily reminders for 6 months.

So I was really unhappy about going, but I was incredibly impressed with how efficient they were.  They had enough employees to take care of everyone in line and I was in and out within half an hour.

If only I hadn’t had to park 2 miles away, walk in the sweltering Texas summer heat, and then PAY for parking to PAY for registering my car.

That seems a little ridiculous.

Backing up…

I had more H2O melon for part uno of breakfast and some splenda-sweetened cottage cheese with pineapple for part dos.
I used to really like the cottage cheese/pineapple combo but the last few times I’ve had it, I didn’t care for it so much.  I think the reason I liked it in the past was that I was eating good cottage cheese, not the fat-free stuff I eat now.
But a little splenda made it a lot better.
I think the key to a happy, full tummy for me is the fat/protein combo for breakfast.  I haven’t been doing much of that lately out of laziness and general lack of creativity, which explains why I’ve been so hungry throughout the day.
I was half-starving during my DMV trip and debated hitting up Sbux for a KIND bar and coffee, but decided to eat an actual lunch.

Soup. Not all that exciting.But my dessert was!

Well, it was until I bit into it.  Most definitely the least ripe pear I’ve ever eaten.  Ever.
It was surprisingly good for being hard as a rock, though.  My mouth was confused though, as the pear taste and crunchy texture combo was totally foreign.
But… I’m still hungry.
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