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Banned in Bama

August 11, 2009

Tonight we tackled the lawn.  And when I say tackled, I mean tackled.

We have a bush in the front of our house that absolutely refuses to be tamed.  It’s an absolute pain in the you-know-where to trim this thing, but we do it. Every time.

And then the next week, it’s back to looking like Medusa.

I kind of hope the heat kills it.

Actually, we probably only have 6 weeks, maybe 8, before we’re done doing the yard for the year.  It’s ironic how much time one spends on the lawn during the summer and then everything dies and no one cares what it looks like for 4-5 months.

Not long after I last posted, I had my snack.

Really exciting cottage cheese and oat bran.  It’s the closest I’ve gotten to feeling full all day.

I had been craving pasta like mad all day long.  Probably had something to do with the lack of carbs/lack of fullness factor earlier.

Tinkyada Brown Rice pasta with tomato sauce, veggies (asparagus, carrots, yellow squash, red pepper, and snap peas), and a healthy amount of cheese.

Super easy.

And lastly:

This wine has an interesting story.  Apparently it is banned from sale in Alabama because of the famous nude painting by G. Massias that serves as its label.

I’d read the news about the ban and didn’t put two and two together when I saw it at Whole Foods this weekend.  It caught my eye based on the review, but when Matt pointed out that it was that wine, I had to get it.

I like it.  It’s not the best I’ve ever had but it’s ridiculously cheap ($9) with mild tannins.

Off to bed.  Meetings tomorrow that will probably make for a long day…

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