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August 13, 2009

I find it really interesting that the rest of the population (assuming my fellow gym members are a realistic sample, which I know is a stretch) feels the same way about their weeks as I do:  start ’em off with a roar, then lose motivation halfway through.  The gym was completely dead tonight.

Ironically, motivation to work out is something I gain as the week goes on, not lose.  If I don’t work out on Monday, all bets are off for the rest of the week.  If I’ve worked out Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, most likely I’ll finish out the week strong.

I tend to lose motivation in things that take time, such as blow drying and straightening my hair (especially in August), cooking, etc.

Anyway, I spent some quality time with the stair climber today and the weights.  It was nice to practically have the place to myself.

Before I left the office, I had some oat bran + cottage cheese and this pear:

You might wonder why he looks like he was run over by a semi, thrown down a flight of stairs, and beaten with a sack of bricks.  I asked the same question.

He was the opposite of the pear I had the other day.  He might have been the ripest pear I’ve ever eaten.  Too ripe.

The reason I don’t keep snacky, convenient food around the house is that I have the tendency to want to inhale the whole fridge as soon as I walk in the door from the gym.  The medjool dates I’ve been working my way through over the past week are now completely gone.

Thank goodness they’re gone.  I apparently can’t manage to take a decent picture of one.

Dinner was simple and protein-packed.

Egg whites, cottage cheese, tri-colored peppers, and sharp white cheddar with tons of mexican spices.  Easy and good.

Plus a grilled vegetable salad:  red peppers, zucchini, carrot, yellow squash and spinach (raw, of course), starring this new find:

Fig Balsamic vinegar (+ honey) for a dressing.  I liked it a lot.

And now I’m settled in with a new bottle of a Cotes du Rhone and some chocolate chips.  I generally like Cotes du Rhone – this one I picked up at Central Market a few weeks ago for something like $7.  It’s a very light, summery red.

Happy almost Friday!

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