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August 14, 2009

3 is the number of times I spilled coffee on myself this week, including once this morning.  A person would really have to try to spill coffee more often than I do.

I took half a day off of work today in an effort to support my husband while he hang some pictures around the house.

You would think that it would not take that long to hang pictures, but you’ve never met us.

It took us 3.5 hours and a trip to Home Depot for more nails to hang…

… 6 pictures.

Which is precisely why we hadn’t done it yet.

To celebrate our productivity, we went to Kenny’s for dinner.

But before all of that…

And my pretend substitute for the Valencia Orange Cake.

A lightbulb went on the other day when I was at Starbucks and one of the baristas asked if I had heard the news about the “Orange Valencia Cake“.

No wonder I’d been calling it that the entire time.

I also had some oat bran + cottage cheese.  I think I’m going to lay off that combo for a while.

When I got home, we commenced the picture-hanging.  When I say “we”, I really mean that Matt hung the pictures and I answered emails on my blackberry while giving occasional direction.  He’s such a good sport.

Instead of having a real lunch, I had a couple snacks.

There might have been one more of these.  I have no self control around Larabars.

Rice chex + soymilk.

These held me over OK until dinner, but I was reeeally hungry by the time we sat down.

Super good caesar salad.  It was lightly dressed and came with polenta croutons which our server said were not GF, but the dressing was.

Matt ordered the Tenderloin Crostini with the Crostini on the side as an appetizer.  This stuff was awesome.  I love bearnaise almost as much as I love tenderloin.

For the main course, I had the grilled chicken with artichoke hearts, walnuts, tomatoes, mushrooms and goat cheese.  It reminded me a lot of Carrabba’s Chicken Bryant and it was very good.

And I had a side of wood grilled asparagus.  It came with a balsamic-y vinagrette that I didn’t use.  It was good but I like my asparagus plain.

Overall, dinner was incredibly good.  The chicken was heavy but I only had about 3/4 of it and gave Matt the rest.

Dessert was a cappuccino at Barnes & Noble.

And now I’m thinking about finishing off the bottle of Cotes du Rhone and calling it a night.


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