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So nice, I did it twice

August 18, 2009

Today was crazy.

Despite working from home yesterday, the amount of work piled up in both my inbox and my desk was as if I hadn’t done anything at all.  Funny how it’s almost punishment for being gone.

The craziest part of today was when my 28-weeks pregnant employee went in for a routine doctor’s visit and ended up having an emergency c-section 3 hours later.

Baby and Mama are OK but the baby is only 2 lbs.  2 lbs!

I don’t think she has even bought many baby things, so I guess if there is any silver lining in the fact that she won’t be able to take the baby home for a while, it’s that she has a little more time to prepare.

I, however, am not prepared to have her out yet.  I thought I had 2-1/2 more months!


Coffee was good this morning.


So good that I only remembered to take a picture after I had drank 99% of it.

Watermelon with a side of sales taxes for breakfast.  Yum.


And some protein in the form of splenda-sweetened cottage cheese.  Lazy Creative gal’s yogurt.


I probably shouldn’t have even taken lunch, but my boss likes Starbucks’ packaged sandwiches (yeah, I don’t get it either) and I’m always looking for a good excuse to get more coffee.

Who am I kidding?  The only thing holding me back from drinking more each day is sheer laziness (the nearest Starbucks to the office is a bit of a drive).


Iced coffee with some whole milk.  They were out of skim and I didn’t feel like asking for more.  Bad idea because this might have been the best coffee compromise I’ve ever made.  It was so good.  I don’t know that I’ll be able to go back to skim.

I’m obviously digging the guac + veggies combo lately.  I love, love, love mexican food but since I stay away from corn, even GF mexican isn’t really safe for me.  Since I don’t eat a lot of raw veggies (except in salad form), this is a win-win.


There was sliced yellow squash and baby carrots, too.

And a grapefruit for dessert.  I’m actually pretty amazed this guy was still good.


And good he was.  Juicy and not too tart.

I eat my grapefruits like oranges.  Anyone else do this? People always look at me strangely, but you lose so much good grapefruit “meat” when you scoop it out with a spoon.

Before I left, I had about 2 tablespoons worth of walnuts (about half of this bag).


I just wasn’t feeling the walnuts plain.  Not so good.

Pre-run snack:


I ran a wonderfully sweaty 4 miles and then foam rolled for about 15 minutes.

I HATE foam rolling.  It’s torture.  But it’s necessary.

Dinner was easy and quick:  chunk tuna mixed with cottage cheese and a little mayo, celery, and onion on top of romaine with carrots and red pepper.

Photo worthy:


After starting to eat it like a normal person:


I have a feeling this won’t be enough, but I’m hoping to hold out for some quality wine + chocolate action later on.

Perfect end to a crazy day.

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