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Carrots, squared

August 19, 2009

Today was a really frustrating technology day.

My docking station for my laptop broke today which caused my laptop to die because the battery had not been charging (with no warning, of course) due to the docking station breaking.

And of course it died when I hadn’t saved in a while a document I’d been working on all day. 

And then I spent a ridiculous amount of time on the phone with IT (why they couldn’t drive the 5 minutes over to my office, I’ll never understand) to figure out what happened.

They never figured it out, beyond that I need a new docking station and that I’ll just have to re-do all my work in that excel file.

Then the landlines in the office started dropping calls for no reason.  AT&T has come out to look at it before, but it still isn’t fixed.

On top of all of that, I must have not slept well last night because despite sleeping for a normal 8 ish hours, I’m really very tired today.



I had some watermelon that was on its last legs.  It was almost more juice than solid fruit. 

(Not sure what happened to the picture.  Apparently the coffee hadn’t kicked in yet)


Then there were some blackberries + blueberries with plain Siggi’s.  Walnuts would have been a good addition but that would have required a lot more planning than I was awake enough for this morning. 

We went to visit the new Mama and Baby in the hospital today.  Mama is doing well – sore from the c-section but no other problems – and Baby is breathing a bit on his own, though still hooked up to the oxygen most of the time.  The diapers they have him in are about the size of a post-it note. 

We were going to see him in the NICU, but the hospital required that she be with us and they would have had to remove all of her IVs and such, so we decided to see him next time. 

When we got back, I had some baby carrots and 2 T. peanut butter.  No picture, sorry. 

And then a little while later, I had some soup (mostly just chicken, tomatoes, red peppers, zucchini, and herbs de Provence) that was trying desperately to break free of its container.



Fortunately, I had some empty containers with which to contain the soup beast.

See the laptop with no docking station in the background?  So frustrating.

I also had a grapefruit that must have been grown in Chernobyl. 


Shown next to the only functioning piece of electronic equipment I own for size comparison.

This guy was as good as yesterdays.  Yum.

I hit up the grocery store after work for some more chocolate chips (somehow I did not buy them this weekend) and ended up buying a few other things that I had to try when I got home.

Cheddar + mozzarella cheese stick:


And some carrots with a new salsa from my favorite guacamole brand:  Wholly Guacamole.


And then there was dinner:  egg whites, cottage cheese and tons of tri-colored peppers and spinach with a little mexican blend cheese.


I don’t even have to tell you what comes next. 

But I’ll hint.

It rhymes with time.  Comes in a bottle and gets poured into a glass.

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