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Any excuse for a cookie

August 22, 2009

Happy Saturday!

I woke up bright and early, courtesy of the whiskey last night.  😦

I puttered around, doing a little work and house cleaning while Matt and Jesse slept in.

There was a lot of weekend coffee.  Best thing about waking up before everyone else is that I get to hog the coffee pot.


Then course 1 of my three course breakfast:  watermelon.  Because it looks so different every time I take a picture of it.


I was craving eggs but didn’t feel like going the traditional omelet route.  I went through a phase a few years ago where I ate poached eggs on greens all the time.  I’m not sure why I fell out of the habit of eating it this way, but I really enjoyed it this morning.


And part three was about half of the teeny tiny cantaloupe I cut up this morning.


I got an email from Whole Foods last night notifying me that they have expanded their GF selection to include an entire 40’ aisle.  Definitely worth a trip to Plano to check it out.

I tried to take a picture of the aisle for you, but they wouldn’t let me.  Too bad.

It’s definitely a lot easier to locate most of the GF products in the store, but they still have extra GF products intermixed throughout the store.  I found 2 of the 3 new Larabars that I’ve heard about.

One was begging to be consumed on the ride home.



The new PB&J flavor!  (I also picked up the German Chocolate Cake Jocolat bar for later consumption)

Honestly, I wasn’t all that impressed with it.  It was basically a cross between the Peanut Butter Cookie flavor and the Cherry Pie flavor but it didn’t really taste all that PB&J-like to me.

There were also a few wine tastings (one of the many reasons I adore Whole Foods) during which I apparently consumed too much because when we were unloading the car, I managed to drop one of the bags on the floor and break the two most expensive items I bought:  a bottle of wine and a jar of tahini.  Try getting that combo off your tile floor.

To be fair, the bag handle broke.  This was similar to the situation in which Mr. Watermelon met his fate last week.  Totally not my fault.

Anyway, I snagged a couple baked goods treats at WF while I was there.  Something apparently about having company makes eating junk food really appealing.


This is an Udi’s Lemon Streusel Muffin.  It was really delicious.

Last week, we had a contractor come out to give us an estimate on tearing down the wallpaper in our kitchen and painting.  I’ve never liked the wallpaper (not my style) and have wanted to take it down since we moved in last fall.  The price they quoted was reasonable and it included the cost of paint, so we went to get some paint samples today to pick a shade.


We are going for a bold, crimson shade.  You wouldn’t know that by looking at the paint here.

After a few hours of drying time…


(Not sure why the one on the left wouldn’t show up in a picture)

We really like the farthest right one.  It’s a deep red without too much pink or orange.

Dinner was angel hair with red + green peppers and andouille sausage.


It was really, really good.  I’ll post the recipe later.

And because I really wanted to eat chocolate chip cookies we had company, I made dessert.


Betty Crocker GF chocolate chip cookies + vanilla ice cream.

We just watched I Love You, Man and I’m eyeing the one bottle of wine that survived the trip from the car into the kitchen.

Hope you had a nice Saturday!

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  1. August 23, 2009 10:51 AM

    I just stopped a WFs for more cantaloupe! This 3 for $5 special is going to have be there twice a week 😉 They’re also giving out some awesome coupons. Glad they’re expanding their GF section! Bummer about the broken stuff, horray for the dessert! I love you man was pretty funny…I was expecting a bit more

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