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Dos Ensaladas, Dos Dias

August 24, 2009

Happy Monday! 

That’s almost an oxymoron.

Today was a whirlwind of a day.  Why is it that super important special projects only come up when you already have a full workload for the day/week/month?  When was the last time you got a project when you were completely ahead of everything?

Back to yesterday…


Coffee + some unpictured cookie crumbs for breakfast.  Then I got smart and froze the rest.

After everything I ate on Friday and Saturday, I wasn’t all that hungry yesterday. 

That and the cookie “crumbs” might be a little of an understatement.

I had a clean-out-the-fridge salad for “lunch”:



The husband and I got our wires crossed and we both bought huge containers of spring greens for the turtles.  Since those greens don’t keep long, I used a good bit for the lettuce portion of my salad.  I’m not the biggest fan of the “Spring Mix” blends but it wasn’t bad in this salad.

This had greens, raw asparagus, cukes, red pepper, and a huge peach with an olive oil + balsamic dressing.

And one of these guys for dessert (as if I need more of that).


German Chocolate Cake Larabar. 

This was really pretty good.  It had a nice texture and while it didn’t really taste like German Chocolate Cake, it was delicious.

Dinner was Mexican pot roast.

On a salad.

I bet I could make anything a salad.


It had romaine, red pepper, carrots, and celery, topped with pot roast and cheddar blend cheese. 

And then I made the mistake of pulling the cookies out of the freezer. 


I also had a bite of homemade key lime whipped cream.


It was Matt’s birthday yesterday and Key Lime Pie is his favorite.  Instead of making a pie, we improvised and used the heavy whipping cream we had leftover from the pasta on Saturday.

It was excellent.

This morning I had my misto:


And another cappuccino that I didn’t get a photo of.  We left the office to brainstorm and contemplated hitting up a bar, but someone vetoed that.  Starbucks it was, then.

And then I finally got to eat “breakfast” at 3:


Blurry Cantaloupe.  Of course.

Plus some blackberries + yogurt:


More yogurt than blackberries there.  They must be hiding.

And some veggies + dip.


I tried making Gena’s Zucchini Hummus.  I defiled it by subbing peanut butter for tahini because after the incident on Saturday, I didn’t trust myself to buy more.

You might also have read online that peanut butter is a sub for tahini.

But don’t believe it.

They lie.

I’m going to give the zucchini hummus another try next time I get someone else to buy me tahini.

I only had a few bites of this sad dip before I threw it out and just ate the veggies raw.


Oooookra.  And some unpictured green peppers and carrots.

Before my run, I had a cheese stick.


4.5 miles done and I was ready for dinner.  I wanted to use up some of the leftover pasta sauce from Saturday but didn’t want any pasta. 

So I put it on veggies.

I probably could’ve put it on a salad.  That would’ve been good.


Asparagus, carrots, yellow squash, red bell pepper + snap peas with the creamy andouille sauce from Saturday.


And cherries!  that were on their last legs. 

The lady that just had the baby last week stopped by the office today to give me her timesheet.  She looks great! and the baby is apparently doing well.  If I’m lucky, she’ll be back in the office by the end of this week.

T minus 4 days until Friday!

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