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Cheese & Chocolate

August 28, 2009

One thing I have learned about my eating habits over the years is that I, like most people, will wildly overeat if I wait too long.

And yet, knowing so doesn’t always mean that I have the opportunity to eat every 3 hours. 

All I managed to find time to eat today before I left the office (at the normal people hour of 5:30 PM, I might add) was the protein shake/grey monster and an apple.


It was an awesome, delicious apple, but it was still only a single apple.

I was starving when I walked in the door.  The first thing I went for was a string cheese stick.  Surprised, right? 

Then I moved onto the dark chocolate + almond butter combo.


(Imagine this without the wrapper, plus almond butter)

And then I went back for another cheese stick.

And then another chocolate square with almond butter.

At that point, I realized that if I didn’t eat something more substantial, I was going to eat my weight in chocolate and almond butter.  And cheese.


So I had the other Larabar I bought the other day.  Still not a huge fan.

That only took the edge off the hunger, so I went to Freebirds.

The funny thing is that I’d been craving Freebirds all day.  I’d put off going because it’s a bit of a drive and the last thing I wanted to do after a long day was drive.

But I made it and ordered a bird salad with lettuce, jack cheese, white meat chicken, tons of roasted veggies, tons of pico de gallo, some red onion, lime juice, and guacamole.

Pre mix:


I threw on some Louisiana hot sauce when I got home.


And post mix, plus extra guac on top.  Can’t have too much of that stuff.


I’m constantly amazed at how simple meals that I could make at home somehow taste a gazillion times better when someone else makes it.

To round out the night, I’m having more of the Chilean wine from yesterday


plus my daily shot of antioxidants from cocoa.


Happy Friday!  I hope to sleep in a little tomorrow since I didn’t sleep well a few nights this week.

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  1. February 6, 2012 12:59 PM

    I’m so glad you enjeyod reading 🙂 I’ll be adding more recipes for Christmas this week, and have updated the “Don’t Forget” section with some previously posted things.Enjoy 🙂

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