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Really Cheesy

August 28, 2009


Or maybe not.  I have so much to do this weekend.

Last night I finally made it to the gym to do weights, but my heart wasn’t in it.  I was really dragging and only did a little cardio after.  I’m nice and sore today so it seems that I got a decent lifting workout in, but I would have liked to have done more.

It occurred to me on the drive home that I hadn’t eaten a single item with any significant carbs in it all day.  The milk in my misto was probably the bulk of all carbs consumed before the workout.

I don’t track the macros, but I tend to feel better and full longer if my diet is comprised mainly of protein+ fat, plus fruits and vegetables.  I should probably aim for more fruit as a snack to provide easy energy.

More munchies yesterday afternoon included veggies + dip.

IMG_3505IMG_3503 IMG_3507

Vegetables (asparagus, snap peas, carrots, and okra) as a spoon for other vegetables (guac and salsa)?  What a novel idea.

I’m pretty over the raw okra thing.  Too slimy.  The first bite is crunchy and then the slime kicks in and my mouth feels like I just ate a big pile of sludge. 

I also had a few walnuts, which I’m also not liking plain.


If you had a lifelong ambition to see what a walnut looks like from the inside of a plastic bag at 800000x zoom, there ya go. 

After the crappy workout, I munched on some cheese sticks before I took a shower.  The husband was at a neighborhood association meeting and I was not a bit concerned about the cats being offended by my sweaty self. 


This, um, times 3.  I have no control around those delicious sticks of cheese.  At least they aren’t really all that bad for you.

Dinner was dreamt up in the shower.  I have done the baked ziti knockoff with steamed vegetables (to add bulk) before, but tonight I cut out the pasta and went straight for the good stuff.


Right out of the oven. 


Another mixing bowl.  Clearly we value using our good china for dinner each night.


And… the usual suspects:  asparagus, yellow squash, red pepper, snap peas, and carrots with tomato sauce, cottage cheese, a few turkey pepperoni, and a healthy dose of mozzarella and a Romano-Asiago-Parm blend sprinkle.

Soooo good.

Enjoyed with a glass of this new wine


which I really enjoyed.  It was light but not too light.

This morning while making myself presentable, this little one played with an earplug underneath the bathroom door.


Like kids, you can spend fortunes on catnip-filled toys for them but what they really want, is the earplug.

Or the plastic grape.

Or the cork from the wine bottle.

I give up.

Clearly he was tuckered out by the time I made my smoothie.


All mixed up and ready to be spilled in the car on the way to work



Actually, I didn’t spill it this time.  I know, I’m surprised too.  I’m the spill queen.

This had a ton of spinach, soymilk, blue + black berries, half a frozen banana, and a scoop of soy protein.  I stuck it in the freezer at the office while I drank my coffee and while the texture changed a bit, it was still good.

Speaking of coffee.

I seem to forget to take pictures lately.  I wonder if it is my subconcious telling me that no one really wants to see a picture of the same Starbucks cup every day.  Cause I even get tired of looking at it.

So if there isn’t a picture, don’t worry – I haven’t had a coffee-free day in years and I’m not about to start.

I’m having dinner with a girlfriend tonight.  The goal is to run afterwards, but I suspect that will depend on how much alcohol is consumed at dinner.

Until then…

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  1. hrmeredith1 permalink
    March 2, 2010 11:17 AM

    Yay! Someone that loves string cheese as much as I do!

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