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Batting 1,000

August 30, 2009

Good morning.

I have been waking up around 8 AM or so on weekends, which is nice because it doesn’t through my sleep schedule completely out of whack, I still get to sleep in a little, and I seem to be able to cram so much into the day because I didn’t sleep til noon.

When I was in college, sleeping in meant sleeping til noon.  I’d wake up, eat breakfast and bum around for a bit and then I’d need another nap.

That was before my diagnosis, at the height of my problems.  I would sleep for 10-12 hours at night and need a 2-3 hour nap every day or I couldn’t function.

When our friend Jesse was here last weekend, he asked Matt if they needed to plan around my naps.  We hadn’t seen Jesse for a long period of time in a couple years, so the last time he spent the weekend with us, he remembers me sleeping all the time.

Not needing naps wasn’t something that changed immediately after going gluten-free, but it is a noticeable difference now. I can’t remember the last time I took a nap.  Christmas, maybe?

Anyway, yesterday started predictably.


Weekend coffee with a side of Fantasy Football prep.  I play in a league with my husband, several of his brothers, our friend Jesse, and several of Jesse’s brothers and sister in law.  I’m not great – mostly because I don’t spend hours upon hours of time researching – but I have a lot of fun.

Brunch was scrambled egg whites with a little of the creamy andouille sauce from last weekend (I unfroze part of it), tri-colored peppers, and cheddar.  It doesn’t look great because the eggs didn’t set well (I either added too much sauce or should have used another egg white/whole egg), but it tasted amazing.  I served it on a bed of mixed greens.


This was 5 egg whites.  It made an enormous amount.

I also had some vanilla ice cream for dessert.


Plus um one and a half more bowls.  Thank God we no longer have any in the house.

This was Breyers French Vanilla.  I felt OK while eating it but my stomach didn’t like it later on.  From all of my research, it is GF, so I don’t know why I reacted to it.

Or maybe it was the excessive amount.  2-1/2 bowls of ice cream is not good for anyone’s tummy.

We headed up to Frisco to meet the Florida State club for a get-together before football season kicks off, but it was really disappointing.  The people were nice but all much older than we are, with kids.  Not that we won’t go up again, it just wasn’t what we were expecting.

They had a lot of free food though, so Matt had a make-shift dinner of chicken wings, sliders, etc.  There wasn’t anything I could eat, but I was still full from the gallon of ice cream I ate, so it was OK.

The get-together was actually a luau held at the sports grill/bar that they usually watch the games at.  Nothing exciting about that.  But the first thing I noticed was the waitresses wearing Hooters-like attire that looked like they were no older than 16.  To be in compliance with TABC, to serve alcohol a waitress has to be at least 18, so I know they weren’t actually 16.  But maybe that’s part of the marketing plan for the bar.

On our way back, we stopped by Ikea.  I’ve never been in one before, but I’ve perused the website several times.

We had to park 800 miles away from the entrance in a parking lot the size of a football stadium which was a little difficult to navigate in 3 inch heels (I should have thought about that one while getting dressed).

Inside the store, we immediately got lost.  The furniture isn’t really our style, but it sure is cheap.  I liked the way they had whole rooms on display.

I think Ikea’s goal is to lure you in with their brilliant blue box of a store and then immediately trap and confuse you with the winding maze.  After hours of wandering around, desperately trying to find the exit, you are forced to grab something to buy so that a magic door will open and you can escape.

We finally found the exit after about an hour, at which point I was hungry again.  I wanted Freebirds but Chipotle was a little closer, so we stopped there.  Bad choice.

A salad with chicken, vegetables, lettuce, and guacamole is NOT worth $10.23.  Not even close.  They charged me $3.50 for guacamole, which was almost as much as my salad cost before the guacamole!  Granted, they did give me a lot of guac, but it wasn’t good, so the quantity was cancelled out by the quality.


This was an incredibly disappointing salad.  I only at 2/3 and that was only because I paid so much that I didn’t want to waste it.  My salad at Freebirds yesterday was at least twice this big and only cost $6.  I don’t have a problem paying a premium for really good food… but it has to be really good.  This wasn’t.

For dessert I had some dark chocolate M&Ms


This is just an example.  I definitely ate more than a handful.

I also had the last glass of the Chilean wine last night.

This morning I’m waiting on the husband to wake up so we can watch more Big Love and I can put off doing my homework.

I have my bachelors degree in Business from The University of Oklahoma but the state of Texas requires 150 college hours before one can sit for the CPA exam so I’m taking classes to get my hours.  This semester I’m taking Individual Income Tax and Cost II.  I’m both excited about school starting up again (I’m such a nerd) and nervous because I work a lot.  Trying to fit both in is difficult, but it’s a necessity.

So, while both of my classes aren’t due until tomorrow, the game plan is to get them done today and next week, to stay late at work one or two nights to get next weeks assignments done early as well.  I hate waiting until the last minute to do anything, but one of my books just arrived on Friday.

Have a nice Sunday!

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  1. August 30, 2009 7:17 PM

    WOW I can’t believe how much sleep you needed pre-diagnosis! Glad that you are able to function that much better now! I can’t believe chipotle charged you so much for the guac! I love that place….we don’t have one down here and we miss it. Good luck with the fantasy football 😉

  2. hrmeredith1 permalink
    March 2, 2010 11:20 AM

    The price of that guac is redonkulous!

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