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Coffee Philosophy

September 2, 2009

Hello from OKC!

A long time ago (or so it seems), I used to be able to wake up when my alarm went off and get up.  Now I hit snooze every 9 minutes for about an hour.  Logically I know that my body isn’t getting restful, meaningful sleep during that extra hour, but I seem unable to actually make myself get up the first time the alarm goes off.

Today I hit snooze an extra time even though I knew that I had a hard deadline of 6:25 to leave the house to make it to the airport on time. 

Fortunately for me, my brain does not remember while half asleep that I have my bedside clock set a little faster than actual, so I actually got up on time.

I would really like to get back into the habit of getting up without hitting snooze.   Something to work on…

Anyway, I made it to the airport on time and it wasn’t busy at all.

Coffee #1 was at Cinnabun.  Their cinnamon roll things always look and smell so good.


For the most part, I don’t mind business travel.  One of the most relaxing things in the world to me is reading the newspaper and drinking coffee.  Being on a plane for an hour forces me to relax, since my blackberry isn’t buzzing and no one is walking into my office.

I also had some black coffee on the plane.  I’ve had good coffee and bad coffee and typically airplane coffee shouldn’t even be called coffee.  But Southwests isn’t awful.

Because I can’t go a (week)day without some Starbucks love…


I love Starbucks’ new cups!

Totally my coffee philosophy. 

Food today was and is going to be a bit spotty.  I need to hit up the health food store and stock some Larabars and stuff in my office here because I always end up starving until I find time to swing by.  And if I’m only in town for a day or so, it really eats up time to do so each trip.

First chance I had to eat was an early lunch at Panera Bread.


This is the Fuji Apple Chicken salad with no apple chips (though delicious, something in them [probably the copious amounts of corn syrup] bothers my tummy) and no vinaigrette.  I believe both are GF but they are not corn-free.

I like Panera Bread in general and usually eat there when I am travelling because they know me.  When I used to live here, I usually ate there about once a week until I found a wonton in my salad and got really sick.  Since then, the same chef always makes my salad and I haven’t had a problem.  Like any other restaurant, they are victim to cross contamination and it’s always a toss up to eat out.

I also had an unpictured fruit cup.  I asked for the small one.  Little did I know, their idea of small is 2 pieces of cantaloupe, a piece of pineapple, and a grape.  I kid you not.


They accidentally gave my lunchmate an apple instead of chips, so he donated it to me.  I ate it a few hours later.


Plus some almonds.  Not exciting, but it did the job.

I’m having coffee (yes, that would be coffee #4 for the day) with my sister (!!!) after work and drinks/dinner with my BFF.  Should be a great night!

Till then…

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  1. September 3, 2009 9:54 AM

    hahahhahaha ok I just finished telling Josh how much I love the new bucks cups and that I totally agree with what they wrote on them 🙂 We are samies! Enjoy all the coffee. Business travel is nice sometimes- just to get away from the usual!


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