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Home Sweet Home

September 3, 2009

Back in Dallas and I’m exhausted.  I never mind traveling but I do miss the kitties, turtles, and the husband. 

Speaking of turtles, Franklin is still at the vet.  I’m not sure why the have kept him so long.  I called on the way home and the technician said that he was doing well but didn’t know anything else as the vet had the day off.  I miss his little fuzzy warm cold reptile body.  🙂

I had a blast last night with my sister and my best girlfriend, Kara. 

My sister and I met for coffee.  She, too, is a coffee fan.  She has worked at Starbucks before and picked up an application to work early mornings at the Starbucks in Norman. 


I really prefer drinking coffee out of mugs rather than paper cups but rarely do I sit at Starbucks to consume what I order.  Yesterday was a gorgeous, albeit windy, day in OKC so we sat on the patio and I had a “for here” cup.

For dinner, Kara and I went to Saltgrass.  I could eat steak every day of my life and be happy.

But first…


I wish I could remember the name of this one, but it’s a merlot from a Texas Vineyard.  I’ve had it and liked it before.  I don’t usually drink merlots (I find them both too light and too dry, if that’s a possible combination for wine) but I like this one. 

Plus a pretty unexciting salad.


And a filet and veggies. 



If you were paying attention last week, you might have seen my post on how Saltgrass’ steamed veggies were not only no longer steamed but were no longer safe for me. 

Apparently the Saltgrass in OKC has not rolled out their new veggies yet, so the plain steamed ones were still fine for me.  My tummy agrees.

I stopped by the health food store I used to frequent and picked up a mountain of Larabars.

And “dessert”!


Plus a second “dessert” later on.


I think I deserve an award for the copious amount of coffee and coffee-flavored things I consumed yesterday. 

Today’s food is pretty embarrassing.


Of course it started out as usual.

Then moved on to a Larabar.


This is one of the new flavors.  I liked it.  It really reminded me of a fruit tart.

We went back to Panera Bread for another Fuji Apple Chicken Salad for lunch.

It looked exactly the same as yesterday, so I’ve spared you the picture.

Then I was still hungry, so I had another Larabar.


The Coconut Cream Pie is absolutely my favorite one.  I’m not an enormous coconut fan but this rocks.

I had a mid-afternoon flight home, so I had my favorite airport snacky on the plane.


On top of a magazine that I had a hard time reading because the person next to me decided that their seat wasn’t large enough and they needed to sprawl out on mine.  Love that.

Come dinner time I wasn’t all that hungry.  That’s what 3 Larabars in the span of less than 24 hours will do to you.

But I was craving something salty so I had a second try at zucchini chips.

I cut up 2 large zucchinis this time. 

This is what it looked like before it went in to the oven:


And what came out:


That’s a salad plate, by the way. 

I also had a little watermelon.  This watermelon is kind of grainy.  I wish there was some way to tell before you buy them.


Clearly I cannot be trusted around a bag of Larabars.  Or maybe I was just extra hungry today. 

I have a morning workout planned for the first time in forever.  I’m putting it here to keep me accountable.  But who knows what I’ll remember when I’m half asleep at 5AM…

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  1. September 4, 2009 8:52 PM

    I think there’s something illegal in Larabars that makes them so delicious. I wish we had more flavours where I am! That fruity one sounds yummy.

    Hope you reunite with your little turtle soon. 🙂

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