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It’s 5 o’clock somewhere

September 5, 2009

That’s what I felt like ALL DAY LONG.

I quickly discovered yesterday morning that attempting to stop hitting the snooze button and attempting to get up super early on the same morning was probably not the best plan.  I had hit the snooze button 3 times before I was even awake enough to realize what had just happened.  By then it was too late to go to the gym.

But I did get out of bed earlier than usual and I did hit my snooze button less.  So it wasn’t a complete waste.

I had coffee, as usual.  But it was consumed in the weekly manager meeting, so no picture. 

I mostly just snacked all day. 


Cantaloupe.  I ate most of the huge container and put the rest in the office fridge for later… which I totally forgot about.


Oikos plain with frozen blackberries.  This was about half of one of the large containers, which shouldn’t be all that much more than one of the smaller Fage containers.  But it really was a little too much yogurt by the end.


Celery + salsa.  To my vacation-starved brain, this looked like a bloody mary.  Hey, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere.

And carrots with peanut butter.


OU had a cocktail party for the business college alumni at a bar in conjunction with the OU v. BYU game at the Cowboys stadium in Dallas Saturday, so we headed there after work.

I grabbed 2 cheese sticks and ate them on the way to the car and had one of these on the drive there.


We stayed at the bar for a drink.  The bar itself  – Hully and Mo – was pretty cool.  It is owned by 3 of the Dallas Stars players.


I couldn’t really understand the waiter when he was reading off the wine choices, but I caught “Cab from Napa” and told him that was what I wanted.  This was good, but it was a little warm and I like my reds to be slightly cool (I don’t drink them chilled at home, but we keep our house around 70* year round so they are slightly cool at room-temperature).  The bar was slightly hotter than hell so it doesn’t surprise me that the wine was also warm.

Anyway, I met a girl that graduated the same year as I did.  We didn’t have the same major (both business majors though) but some of our classes should have overlapped and we lived 2 floors apart in the dorms our freshman year.  Funny to think of all the people I never knew because it was simply chance that we never met. 

Our waiter was overbearing and appeared to have a decent man crush on the husband and since we were getting hungry, we left after I finished my wine.

I’m still on the Freebirds salads kick, so we swung by good ol’ Freebirds on the way home.


Plus extra guacamole. 

Chocolate chips + wine for dessert as usual.

Unfortunately, it seems that I might be getting sick – sore throat, headache, etc.  Just in time for the holiday weekend.  Off to recuperate…

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