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Perfect Saturday

September 13, 2009

Hello blogworld!

I did not make smart eating choices yesterday.  It could always be worse, but this was not a good example of healthy eating.

It started out innocently enough.

I had the last of the canary melon.  Thank God.


All gone!

Then I made myself presentable and went out to run a few errands and do some shopping.

I first stopped by the running store (Run On!) for some new inserts for my shoes and some athletic tape.  They didn’t end up having any athletic tape (found that at Tar-jay instead) but I got confirmation that it is my insanely high arches that is the problem and not my mileage or shoes.  I’m going to try taping my arches and using the new insoles and hope that fixes my shin pain.  Hope.

I had pretty good luck at the mall.  I got a cocktail dress (I am needing MORE of these as I get older, not less, which is strange given how often we went out in college and shortly thereafter), a pair of navy pin-striped trousers, and a pretty top from The Limited (with tons of coupons, my purchase was nearly 50% off – score!); a white “jacket” from Ann Taylor (marked down from $99 to $35!); and a black and white pencil skirt from NY&Co.  All in all, a pretty successful shopping trip for well under $200.

I had a moment of weakness at Target and picked up my very favorite peanut butter in the entire world, one that I cannot keep around the house for fear of sitting on the couch with it and a spoon:


You can bet that I had a very large spoonfull of this stuff as soon as I put the groceries away.


We had an early dinner… or a late lunch, whatever you want to call it.


IMG_3924 IMG_3925


Times two.

I really, really like eating it on top of spinach.  Not only does it add a little green to the meal but it slows me down, which makes me both enjoy the meal more and feel more full with less pizza.

The husband really wanted snacky food to eat with pizza, so he ran to the corner store.  He asked if I wanted anything and I decided I should finally get that almond hershey’s bar I’d been wanting for days.

Little did I know that he was going to buy me the KING SIZE bar.

But who am I to refuse it?


It was a-mazing.

And then I had the misfortune (ha!) of reading about Jenna’s brownies on her blog.  I love brownies.  I love making brownies.  I love licking the spatula and watching them cook and stealing little crumbs off the top as they cool.

So I made them as directed, except I used Bob’s Red Mill Almond Meal instead of the 1/2 c. flour her recipe calls for.

These brownies are absolutely to-die-for.  Mine didn’t quite firm up (next time, I’ll probably play with the amount of almond meal a little – it might need more) but that’s OK with me because brownies eaten by hand or with a fork taste just as good.


I ate my brownie (only one needed, these were so rich!) and drank some wine while watching the end of the FSU/Jacksonville State game and furiously checking the OU/Idaho State game stats.   Perfect end to a pretty great day.

So, let’s recap:

Shopping?  Check.

Pizza?  Check.

Chocolate?  Check.

Brownies? Check.

Wine?  Check

OU and FSU win their respective games?  Check.

Best. Saturday. Ever.

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