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September 20, 2009

It’s been a very unexciting Sunday around here.

There’s been a lot of football watching (good).

A lot of relaxing (good).

A lot of homework (not good).

But not a whole lot of exciting food.  Sorry.

We’re totally out of groceries, so food today was kinda hit or miss.  It would have been hit or miss even if we had a bunch of food because my throat is still kinda scratchy, although I do feel better.

It’s actually quite coincidental that I’m still feeling better since Dr. Self-Absorbed apparently wrote the wrong dosage for my oral antibiotic on the prescription and the pharmacy won’t fill it until they talk to him.  But he’s off today.  So the earliest I will be able to start taking that medicine is tomorrow night.

I feel like I’m operating at 50%.  And I’m pretty mad that that is going to continue until I get the rest of my medicine.

Along with the normal weekend coffee for breakfast, I had a strawberry Chobani.


I wasn’t crazy about it, but it’s not Mr. Yogurt’s fault – I just don’t like strawberry yogurt.  Never have.  I don’t understand why it’s the one yogurt flavor that every store stocks in excess.

Actually, I really don’t like strawberry-flavored anything.  Meh.

Yesterday I had a major french fry craving so today we made potato circles.  Not really a breakfast-y food, but who’s keeping track?

IMG_4086 IMG_4087

And scrambled egg whites + one egg with a little cheddar.


I also had a few (big) bites of ice cream leftover from the day the husband tried to clog my arteries (as if that was the only time…).

This kept me full through hours of individual income tax homework.  So exciting.

Come dinner time, I didn’t want to make anything and neither did Matt.  One of the hardest things about Celiac is finding safe quick food.  It’s almost an oxymoron.  On nights I don’t feel like cooking (actually, saying I “cook” most nights is somewhat of a stretch), I usually end up eating a hodge podge of items that never really satiate me.

When we lived in Oklahoma, there was a chinese restaurant that I felt pretty safe eating at.  I would get steamed chicken and steamed vegetables – no sauce, no oil, no nothing.  It wasn’t exciting, but it was pretty good for being so simple.

Tonight we tried a chinese delivery place and I ordered off their “diet” menu – steamed chicken + veggies with sauce on the side (which I promptly threw away, but I figured I had a better chance of getting what I wanted if I didn’t confuse them unnecessarily).  Matt made the person taking the order well aware that no sauce, oil, or seasoning should touch my food and that it needed to be prepared in a clean steamer.

Except for them forgetting my steamed rice and sending fried instead, everything went smoothly.


I like chinese places that do better veggies than the standard:  mini corn cobs, water chestnuts and broccoli.  My plate included those, of course, but it also had carrots, onion, zucchini, and mushrooms.  I didn’t eat the mini corn cobs but everything else was awesome.

Well, it tasted awesome.  We’ll see tomorrow night if it all agreed with me.  If it did, it will be a really nice option for those nights where I can’t bother to throw some egg whites in a pan.

I’m currently glued to the Cowboys game and Yahoo! Sports Stat Tracker – I’m currently winning by 5 points!

Zeus is currently curled up with my blackberry.  His new thing is to curl up around the object we are most likely to need to extract from underneath his body.  He also has an uncanny ability to predict exactly where we are about to walk so he can insert himself right under our feet and then look at us with big hurt eyes as we trip all over ourselves trying to make sure he knows we didn’t mean to kick him.

I’m just glad someone likes the blackberry because I’ve developed an involuntary twitch that just so happens to coincide with every time it buzzes.  I kind of wish I could drop it in a toilet.


I’d say “Happy Sunday night” but who actually is happy on a Sunday night?  I wish it was Friday night and the weekend was starting over…

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  1. September 21, 2009 8:20 AM

    Good idea on the Chinese take out. My place has a diet menu too and it would be really easy to just use some of those San-J gluten free sauces for dipping. I really like the sweet and spicy one, it goes well on everything.

    Thanks for the idea. I sure hope you don’t react!

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