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Stress Eating (or lack thereof)

October 3, 2009

Whew!  So glad it’s Saturday here.  I have big plans to have a combo productive and relaxing weekend.  If that’s possible.

I think it’s been pretty obvious here lately that I’ve been fighting the stress monster.  Nearly half of my direct-reports are new.  They’re working their asses off, but through no fault of their own, we’re rather behind. 

It seems that most people (women, especially) gripe about how their eating gets out of control when they are stressed.  Makes sense.  Many women seem to view food as comforting, so it only makes sense that when someone is stressed in any way, they turn to food to soothe them.  We even have a whole category of cuisine – Comfort Food – because it’s so common.

I’m actually the opposite.  Occasionally, I’ll make a bad food choice because healthy eating may not be the highest priority on the totem pole at the time.  But most of the time, I completely lose my appetite when I’m stressed out.

This recent bout of stress is no exception.

I had a big meeting yesterday morning and didn’t even get coffee until 10:30.  I left the house in the morning without packing anything to eat for the day.  When I realized it, I figured I’d go home over lunch and pick up something.  But when lunchtime came around, I wasn’t really hungry and didn’t have any time to leave.  I knew I had to stay late last night to complete some extra work and homework, so when 5 PM rolled around, I started searching the office fridge and freezer for anything I might have left in there and completely forgotten about.

Lo and behold, I found a whole slew of frozen Amy’s meals that I had bought for the OKC office.  One of the guys I used to work with up there drove them down here last week and stuck them in the freezer for me.  Wish I’d thought about that at noon rather than 5!

You know, I’m not really one for highly processed, packaged foods (with the exception of occasional love affairs with M&Ms or those amazingly addictive hershey’s nuggets) but I really appreciate having a fast, cheap, and tasty meal when I’m in a food pickle.


Gooey, creamy, cheesy.  Amy’s mac n cheese.  For the 4th time in a week.  *sigh*

The ingredients aren’t bad:


This is a far less processed product than the blue box Kraft stuff.  Not that I didn’t quite enjoy that as a kid, but powdered cheese kind of skeeves me out now.

Anyway, I ate my mac n cheese and it held me over long enough to stay at the office for 3-1/2 more hours (yes, I was at the office on a Friday night until 8:30).

Eating for the rest of the night wasn’t all that much better.

I had a (wait, get ready to be surprised) cheese stick while my food was cookin’.


and a giant spoonful of white chocolate crack


And finally, dinner.


I just can’t seem to make my omelettes photogenic, but they sure taste good. 

The star of this guy was a third of this package:


[Archer Farms (Target brand)] Frozen pre-grilled, pre-sliced bell peppers.  What could be more convenient?

(I can’t speak to the GF status of these.  I’ve never called the company, but the only ingredients are bell peppers and I’ve never had an iota of a problem with them)

So a big portion of defrosted bell pepper strips, spinach, egg whites (4 maybe?  I lost count when I was cracking them), 2 whole eggs, and maybe 3 T. of cottage cheese plus spices.

Oh, and about half a lb of cheddar nestled inside the folded omelet.  It’s hiding in the picture – I apparently did a really good job getting it smack in the middle of the eggies.

Plus a simple salad.


Didn’t know there was a cat watching me!

This had a big nectarine, a red pepper, spinach and romaine.  All brought together by balsamic, olive oil, and honey.

I actually only ended up eating 1/2 of the salad and 3/4 of the omelet.  I wish my appetite would return to normal.

I vegged out on the couch for the hour or so I was awake after eating and did the wine + chocolate chip thing and then put my butt in bed for the night. 

Woke up this morning after 11 hours of sleep feeling super rested.  I had a little weekend coffee and then we headed to the gun store!

3 hours and a good chunk of change later…


A Springfield XD-9.  That’s my new baby (without a magazine.  No way am I going to be playing around taking pictures of a loaded gun). 

Notice the irony?  Pink turtle pajama pants and a gun. 

There are several gun safety and defense classes to attend in the near future and I’m interested in doing a Krav Maga (Israeli self defense) class.  I’m also going to apply for the CHL before it becomes impossible to get, but I don’t plan to carry with any consistency.

Burglaries and home invasions in North Dallas have increased 30% since January, so our neighborhood home association is urging the women to take self defense classes.  This is not the reason I bought the gun – the husband has had a Glock for years and years – but I am more than ever interested in self defense classes.  I’m taller than the average woman – about 5’7” – but I’m still no match for a grown man.

I just had lunch even though I’m still not really hungry.


Way to go, Sargento!  2 cheese sticks of approximately the same size!

Plus leftover salad from last night:


And a pineapple Chobani


(Still my favorite flavor)

We’re watching the FSU game and hoping they have a better week than last week… but it’s not looking good.

At least there is OU v. Miami to look forward to tonight and I’m hoping to cook a super nutritious dinner to make up for the past several days.

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  1. hrmeredith1 permalink
    March 2, 2010 2:12 PM

    How do you like your Springfield? I’ve been in the market for sometime but can’t decide. Even though I work w/all men, and all very gun enthused, I still can’t make up my mind.

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