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Welcome Back

October 4, 2009

Appetite, I’ve missed you.  Thanks for coming back.

Shortly after my last post, my stomach started to rumble again.  I first thought about making a waffle sandwich, but couldn’t find any waffles.  I know they are there, they’ve just disappeared in the freezer and will reappear about 5 years from now.

Instead, I found a pack of my very favorite GF bread product:  Kinnikinnick GF English Muffins.

These things are amazing.  They aren’t really english muffin-like, except for their size and shape.  Instead, they have more of a french bread texture.  They toast well, hold toppings without becoming soggy, and have none of the typical gritty texture or strange taste that most GF baked goods have.

My favorite way to eat them is with cream cheese, but that would require a trip to WF and I’m way too lazy for that this weekend.

So instead I had one with a healthy shmear of PB and grape jam.



Plus an orange for some Vitamin C goodness:


The combo held me over pretty well, but all the thanks goes to the PB.  Nuts and nut butter are the most satiating foods for me, by far.

I wanted to make a decent dinner since I’ve been skimping on food lately.  Typically, the husband is the cook.  It’s not that I can’t cook, I just don’t enjoy it like he does, and he is way more willing to experiment with tweaking recipes and flavors, which means that sometimes the meal sucks, but most of the time it’s awesome.

One of the few things I do better than he does is Italian.  I had a craving for traditional Italian-American spaghetti with gravy.  It had been quite a long time before we had made it, so that was the plan.

I use my Mom’s recipe, which isn’t really a recipe by now.  I just throw things in the pot.  I used to make it 100% from scratch, but I found a jarred marinara sauce I really like, so I incorporate that to cut down on the amount of seasoning I have to add.

First, I simmered a chopped onion, chopped red pepper, and garlic in olive oil, then added about a pound of lean ground beef plus s+p.  When that browned, I drained the grease and added a jar of Classico Fire Roasted Garlic + Tomato sauce, plus a 28 oz can of plain tomato sauce and a 15 oz can of tomato paste.

Plus a shake of Tony C’s, tons of Prudhomme’s Pizza & Pasta Magic


and a glug of red wine, and it was ready to simmer away


I used this new pasta I found at WF last time we were there.  I’m typically a super big Tinkayada fan but I’m always willing to give something else a try. 


Overall, we were pretty impressed with it.  I couldn’t tell you if it was better or worse than Tinkayada though because it’s been a long time since I’ve had their spaghetti-style noodles.  But we liked it a lot.

Once the pasta cooked, the meal was ready to assemble! (Which was fortunate, because Matt was ready to gnaw off his arm)



On top of a bed of noodles, I added a bed of baby spinach, then the meat sauce, then mushrooms (the husband won’t eat them so I can’t add them to the sauce), and parm.

Best dinner in a while.  I got full really quickly, though, and ended up leaving a few bites.

After I digested a little, I had dessert:


Dark chocolate pudding… times 2.  I love this stuff (still not sure if it loves me back, though).

And the usual Saturday night (or any night) fun:


I have a lot of work to do today to get ahead caught up for Monday and I’m hoping to get some homework done as well so I don’t have to do it all tomorrow night… but I’ll be watching football all day, so I can’t really complain.

2 Comments leave one →
  1. October 4, 2009 7:32 PM

    Glad you are feeling hungry again – hooooray! The italian din din looks fabulous (as does the chocolate and wine ;)). Good luck getting the work done..I’m about to start into some now as well

  2. thedallasceliac permalink*
    October 5, 2009 9:30 PM

    Thanks Erica!

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