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Snacky Saturday + Sunday

October 18, 2009

Friday was Boss’s Appreciation Day.  I completely forgot (if I ever knew) but my employees apparently remembered.



That would be a fruit bouquet from Edible Arrangements.  So thoughtful of them!  Actually, I was having an awful, awful day, but this definitely brightened it up.


It also came with a balloon, which I brought home. 

The fruit was super fresh and totally GF.  It was a great idea and I’m really touched that they all pitched in for it.  🙂

During the game yesterday, I snacked on a good portion of it.

Speaking of the game, the Sooners lost, but not in the way that I expected.  They played OK considering Sammy (Bradford) was injured again and they had to put the Mustache (Landry Jones) in.  Texas played awfully, but given that they had all of their starters, they won (by a field goal).

So we have another year to get ready for next year’s Red River Rivalry.

After the game, I had 2 bowls of Rice Chex and soymilk.


I love this cereal.  It’s simple and not very sweet.  It stays crunchy in milk and has never, ever glutened me.  And the best part is that it’s widely available and cheap.

I also had PB+J on 2 Van’s GF waffles.


My Dad came over for the game and I was making him  cup of tea while my waffles were toasting… which means I completely forgot about them and they burned in the toaster.  So it wasn’t the most amazing waffle sandwich, but at least Dad’s tea got the attention it deserved.

When dinnertime rolled around, we tossed around ideas and couldn’t come up with anything.  Matt had bought chips for the game, but since he and my Dad ordered in sandwiches that came with fries, they didn’t get eaten.

So I opened a bag and had about a serving.


(Lay’s kettle cooked original)

I really wanted another brownie sundae from Outback but couldn’t convince Matt to go (he hates Outback), so I made brownies instead.

I used this recipe and had 2 for dinner.



My second one was much larger 🙂

And thus far today, all I’ve eaten has been brownie bits and a banana at our neighborhood block party.  I didn’t bring my camera because I would never have expected to find something to eat there, but lo and behold, they had fruit.

Along with standard block party fare such as pizza, hot dogs, chips, and cookies, they had a bowl of green grapes and a bowl of bananas and apples.  The grapes looked good but they had been sitting out in the sun for a while and I was pretty sure at least someone had grabbed a handful with the same hand they’d just eaten a cookie with.  Not worth getting glutened for some warm grapes.  But I did have a banana and it was good.

Dinner is looking to be veggie packed because surely, it’s not cool to eat brownies and a banana and call it a day.  🙂

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  1. October 18, 2009 6:34 PM

    awwwwww that was sooo sweet of your employees. I love those fruit flowers. Sometimes snacky days are so so enjoyable. Hope you had a big ole bowl of veggies for din din.

  2. October 19, 2009 1:18 AM

    I LOVE edible arrangements. Not that I’ve ever gotten one 😛

    Sometimes I like snacky day, and other times they frustrate me. Glad it worked out!

  3. October 19, 2009 6:08 AM

    Your employees are really thoughtful! I love that idea.

    Do you prefer the Van’s waffles to Nature Path’s? I find the Van’s ones have a strange texture after you toast them, but that NP waffles stay together more, less crumbly. Or is that just because my toaster is deteriorating?…

  4. October 19, 2009 8:38 AM

    Aw, I have always wanted one of those fruit bouquets!

    Lovin’ the brownies! I haven’t perfected my recipe to be gluten free yet but I am working on it!

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