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Over processed

October 25, 2009

Hello there!

It’s been a productive/relaxing weekend over here after a really busy, really intense week.  There’s been a lot of football watching and a lot of cereal-eating.  🙂

Friday lunch was a freezer find.


Looks delicious, right?


Er, not so much.  Part of the problem isn’t Amy’s fault – you have to chop up the lasagna and stir it so it will cook in the middle.

On second thought, I guess that is Amy’s fault.  Regardless, it’s a tasty, quick, minimally-processed meal with ingredients I can pronounce.

I had two of these babies for dessert.


I left the office expecting to do the Halloween/Fall thing with the husband.  I love pumpkin patches and last year, we weren’t able to go to one because we were moving here.  But this year I am bound and determined to make the time to go.

Unfortunately, Friday wasn’t that night and we made a quick trip to the grocery store for Saturday lunch instead.

I did pick up this guy, which ended up being my Friday dinner.  Processed, not nutritionally dense food for lunch AND dinner?  Check! 



Saturday we had my parents over for the Oklahoma/Kansas game.  Mustache apparently brought his A game and we actually won. 

I’ve had a craving for ribs for months now, so we made them for a pre-game lunch.  I was at a loss for side items, but I remembered that a lot of restaurants offer french fries with ribs, so we made potato circles.  Matt also made corn and Mom brought a salad.


We rubbed the ribs with Alton Brown’s rub (actually, we pretty much followed the recipe to a T except to braise the ribs for 3-1/2 hours instead of 2-1/2).  They were tender and tasty, but I had forgotten how much fat is on ribs.  It’s a texture thing for me and I just don’t like meat that is very fatty.  So while I think we did a good job cooking them, I don’t think I’ll be eating them again anytime soon.


Mixed salad with greens, cuke, peppers, red onion, and parm, plus a balsamic and olive oil drizzle.

And a cheese stick and several bowls of Rice Chex + soymilk for dinner.


Cereal is one of those items I just can’t keep in the house long.  It takes bowl after bowl to make me full and I really enjoy eating it, so I have trouble stopping when I finally do get full.  I bought a brand new box on Friday night and after several more bowls today, am almost done with it.  At least it is a relatively healthy cereal.

I cleaned the house this weekend, did laundry, and have spent a little time working.  I also did a little blog maintenance – check out the new GF Survival Guide.

We also decided to extend our trip in San Francisco an extra day so we can explore the city a little after the Foodbuzz Festival

Anyone else going?  I’m excited!

Off to watch more football and stop being productive in the least.  Who knows what dinner will be, but it better not be cereal.  🙂

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  1. October 25, 2009 7:22 PM

    I love subbing in baked rounds for fries! I actually have them on my menu for this week. Cereal is delicious- I just had some multi grain cheerios 😉 Enjoy the football

  2. October 25, 2009 8:08 PM

    Yeah, I’d be blaming Amy’s for that one too.

    But really, that’s how it would look in your tummy, right? That’s what I tell myself when I eat something that looks like it spent three hours on a train track, getting smushed by both passenger and cargo trains. It’s all the same in *there*. 😉

    I’ll be checking out your Survival Guide!

  3. October 25, 2009 9:52 PM

    i can never eat cereal all by its lonesome b/c it never fills me up – i need to combine it with flax and fruit for staying power.

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