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Green or Purple?

October 29, 2009

One more day until the weekend!  I’m so looking forward to Halloween!

I’ve been running around like a crazy person, trying to get 3rd quarter financials squared away.  It’s really unfair that my favorite months also happen to fall during the craziest months at work.  And it’s adding insult to injury that our annual audit is scheduled during my birthday every year.

Eats have been less than exciting and I can’t remember the last time I got on the treadmill.  Ugh.




And peanut butter!

And cost adjustments, oh my!

I discovered carrots + peanut butter in high school, on accident.  I used to nanny for a family with 3 adorable little girls.  I was making one of them a pb&j sandwich (long before I went GF, when the thought of touching regular bread didn’t make me shiver with fear) and eating baby carrots when I accidentally got some pb on my hand which got on my carrot.  It was love at first taste.

And carrots with peanut butter and JELLY is even better. 

Continuing the peanut butter theme, I had english muffins and nut butter with honey.  I’m still out of jelly… haven’t made it to the store yet, still.


One side had almond butter and the other had peanut butter.  I store my nut butters upside down after the first initial stirring (which I hate – I always manage to get oil all over the jar and my hands) but apparently the almond butter jar is not meant for being stored upside down because all of the oil leached out of the nut butter and left a nut paste.  Not good.

Later, I had a purple smoothie.


I’ve always been fascinated with the way our minds process written word.  The color of the font matters more than the color that is spelled out and words can be spelled completely wrong but be legible because we only read the first half of the word.

So this smoothie was both green and purple.

  • spinach
  • soymilk (Silk)
  • berries
  • half a nana

Easy. Simple. Good.

Dinner tonight was all Matt’s doing.  I brought my old boss who is currently a coworker and my best work friend home for a drink since he’s in town and Matt slaved away in the kitchen while Newt and I drank wine and gossiped.


This was a quick mexican-y casserole:  chicken and rice in a homemade (light) sour cream sauce.  The husband is a fantastic cook but he does not see the importance of vegetables in meals.  The only thing green about this meal was the green chiles.

But it was pretty delicious (I had 2 bowls).  I’ll see if he’ll write up a recipe.

Tomorrow after work I need to grab a few things for my Halloween costume for the party we’re going to tomorrow night.  I’m going as Courtney Love in her trashier days – I’m thinking fishnets, a babydoll dress, frizzed out hair and tons of red lipstick and smeared mascara.  I secretly think that Halloween for grown up women is just about getting a chance to dress like trash and not be judged.  Cause fishnets are fun but they’re not going to fly on a normal day.

Halloween is my favorite holiday.  We have the party to go to on Friday night but Saturday we’ll be handing out candy and oooohing and ahhhing at the cute kiddos.

What are you doing for Halloween?

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  1. October 31, 2009 9:06 AM

    hahaha that is an awesome costume- you must post a picture. We’re not dressing up this year- just handing out candy to the 10,000 kids that live in our neighborhood 😉 I love carrots and nut butter- it seriously is so delicious. Sweet of the honey to make you such an awesome din din.

  2. October 31, 2009 1:09 PM

    I know all about the nut butter mixing mess! I get oil all over the counter. It’s a disaster every time.

    Enjoy your Halloween!

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