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San Francisco: Part III

November 12, 2009

The crescendo of the Festival was the dinner, put on by Outstanding in the Field, and held at the Greenleaf Produce Warehouse.  OITF brings foodies to the source of their food, and what better place to do it than in a produce warehouse?  (And a real, functioning produce warehouse it was.  They had to kick us out so they could get back to work!)

We ate family style at one big, long table.

IMG_4967 IMG_4968



The Foodbuzz team was really awesome in talking to the chefs and making sure there was something for me to eat.

The first wine was a 2007 Le Cigare Blanc.


Instead of the udon and calamari “salad” that everyone else ate, they made me a true salad with all of the goodies from the dish but without any of the scary stuff.



Clearly, I was a fan.  This had cucumber, kaiware, frisee, and yellow pear tomato with a chojang and sesame vineagrette.  It was really delicious.

Next up for me was salmon with dashikombu, fried garlic, and japanese curry powder with mushroom risotto with koshihikari rice and crispy maitake mushrooms.


I loved it.  I’m not a huge salmon fan, but this was delicious.

The next wine was the 2005 Le Cigare Volant and it was really, really good.


The dessert was pears with rice pudding and a crumb topping.  They were supposed to save some naked pears for me, but when I went up to get them, someone else had taken them instead.  😦

I had a great time, though, and was really pleased that I was able to eat some great food that not only tasted really good but didn’t make me sick in the slightest.

I continued the early to bed, early to rise theme and crashed as soon as I got back to the hotel.  Trying to get my body to adapt to Pacific time was rather impossible.  I’m not a happy person when I’m sleepy and I just didn’t see any point in trying to keep myself awake.

So… I woke up at 5 AM again on Sunday.  Not cool.

Brunch was held at Restaurant Lulu, not too far from the Metreon where I drank the equivalent of a bottle and a half of wine.

For breakfast, though, I stuck to coffee.  No wine before noon for me 2 days in a row.  🙂


Suzanne had requested some scrambled eggs instead of the quiches and french toast that was prepared, so I cashed in on her good idea.


And that was breakfast! 

After saying goodbyes to all of the foodbloggers, the husband and I set out to do some tourist-y stuff.

We hit the Golden Gate Bridge



and stopped by a little cafe in front of the ferry on the way to Alcatraz for “lunch”.

I say “lunch” not because it was a filling, delicious meal, but because I cannot call something that cost $10 a snack.


Yeah, that’s my major disbelief that a yogurt, fountain diet coke, and a pathetic, sad excuse for a salad could cost $10. 

It held me over OK while we were on Alcatraz Island, though, so I guess it was worth it.

I’m a huge history buff and absolutely love anything involving the early 20th century, so I had been looking forward to visiting Alcatraz for months. 



IMG_5083  IMG_5070









If you haven’t been to Alcatraz, I would highly, highly recommend it.  We spent 3-1/2 hours there and barely touched the tip of the iceberg.  I love that they have merely preserved the state of the island as it was after the prison was shut down (and after the Indians took over for a year) but haven’t really repaired anything.  Several buildings were destroyed when the Indians seized the island (and they obviously left some graffiti) but the buildings have not been rebuilt.

After Alcatraz, we went to a restaurant on the wharf called Aliotto’s.  Possibly one of the worst restaurant experiences I’ve ever had.

(I apologize in advance for the pictures.  The lighting was awful.)




Caesar salad, which had too much of a sub-par caesar dressing; unseasoned, dry halibut with steamed spinach and celery; and creme brule with berries.

Our service was awful and I feel like the chef panicked when he was told about my food allergy and served me the safest, most boring thing ever.  I don’t mind eating plain food, but I do mind paying as much as I did for something that was so uncreative that I would have rather eaten the $10 salad/yogurt/diet coke combo. 

However, the creme brule was pretty awesome.  I can’t complain about that one.

Afterwards, we stopped by Ghiradelli Square and I briefly considered an ice cream sundae but when they didn’t have ingredient info on the ice cream, I bought a bag of milk chocolate squares instead and proceeded to eat my weight in them on the way back to the hotel. 

We watched some football and I passed out with the lights on and the TV blaring.  Clearly I am not used to doing much besides sitting on my butt all day.  🙂

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  1. November 12, 2009 11:03 PM

    Your special dinner sounds better than the one everyone else got at the awards dinner!

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