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It’s BEDLAM time

November 28, 2009

Hello, hello!

I had a great Black Friday that was completely lacking in any sort of shopping.  The only things I bought yesterday were a movie ticket and a Diet Coke at the theater. 

I love clothes but I’m actually not crazy about the actual shopping experience.  Too many people, too much hassle.  And unless I had a boatload of kids or relatives to buy for, I plan on continuing to avoid stores on Black Friday like the plague.

It was a quiet day at the office yesterday, which was why I didn’t mind it one bit.  I got a lot of little things done, but unfortunately, no major projects. 

Shortly after I got home, we jumped in the car and headed to my parents house to gather everyone and see The Blind Side.  Since dinner would be really late, I packed some snacks to eat on the ride over (they live about 20 min. away) and during the movie itself.


I brought a honeycrisp apple, carrot chips, and PB&J to dip. 


I ended up eating the PB&J and apple in the car and the carrots during the movie.

My Dad was going to buy the tickets online but they were sold out for the theater nearest to their house, so we ended up going to slightly later showing at a theater that was about halfway in between our houses, which meant we had driven to their house for absolutely no reason.  But we got to the theater in plenty of time to get good seats.

(And snap a few pictures!)

Kelly and I with Dad.

This theater wasn’t exactly the nicest theater we’d ever been to, but it did have free refills on large drinks, which is rare these days.  Before we left Oklahoma, they built a really nice theater about 20 min. away and we started going there all the time.  We haven’t found anything comparable close to us in Dallas yet.

Despite the less-than-comfortable seats, the movie was fantastic.  I’m a big football fan (huge, actually), but you don’t really have to like football much at all to enjoy the movie.  It was sweet but not sappy. 

Oh, but Sandra Bullock’s southern accent?  Needs a little work.

Part dos of dinner was a leftover mish-mash, like all dinners in the days following  Thanksgiving should be.



In my mixing bowl:

And I split the last hunk of pie with Matt. 


And by “split”, I mean that this is my piece and he had one the same size.  You didn’t actually think I’d split a dessert with someone unless it was the whole cake, did you?  😉


I spent the morning watching the Oklahoma v. Oklahoma State game (otherwise known as Bedlam), where we shut out OSU 27-0.  Glorious.  If there was any year that they had a really good shot at beating us, it was this year.  And they didn’t.  We actually look a little tiny bit like the team we used to be… last year.  Maybe there is hope for us next season after all.


I can’t decide whether I want to go to the gym to lift weights, run on the treadmill, or do that yoga I’ve been promising to do this week.  Or do nothing.  That’s always an option.  🙂

And we don’t have any plans for tonight except to kick back and relax.  I have a few crafty projects I’d like to start but I’m not feeling particularly motivated.

Hope you have a great Saturday!

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  1. November 28, 2009 6:12 PM

    I vote for yoga 🙂

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