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Snow day!

December 2, 2009

Well, not really.   It’s year-end – they’d expect me to come in even if the building burned down the night before.


(view from inside the garage)

But it was snowing when I woke up this morning and continued snowing for another hour.

Snow itself isn’t all that uncommon in North Texas.  It’s that when it snows, it almost never sticks because it’s rarely cold enough for long enough to freeze the ground.  So, driving in Dallas when it’s snowing isn’t hazardous because of the weather – it’s hazardous because people immediately forget how to drive when they see snow flurries.

It’s also not all that uncommon to have snow in the morning and 60* weather in the afternoon.  That wasn’t the case today – it actually got colder as the day went on – but there were no signs of the morning snow by noon.

I had a dentist appointment today – just a 6 month checkup.  I don’t hate going to the dentist, but I’m always a little surprised by the people I know that love getting their teeth cleaned.  I just don’t feel like mine are all that more clean when I leave than when I came in.  But that could be because I don’t let them use the polishing paste (most kinds are GF but since you never know, I ask them to use Crest to “polish” me). 

While the dental hygienist was cleaning my teeth, she asked if I drank a lot of coffee (um, yes).  I was wondering if perhaps the acid in the coffee was wearing down my enamel or something else, but she said that coffee can stain your tongue.  Who knew?  And who really looks at their tongue closely enough to tell?

Tonight, the husband celebrated the snow by firing up the grill.  We did chicken breasts and squash and zucchini (for me – he has a strange hatred of all things squash [I know, I know]).



Chicken, brined then brushed with olive oil, s+p, and Prudhomme’s Pizza & Pasta Magic, grilled, and then topped with a little fontina cheese and a sauce made of a little butter, lemon juice, fontina, and basil.  Topped with a little more freshly grated parm.

The summer squash + zucchini were simple: brushed with olive oil, s+p, and grilled.  Grilled for a touch too long, as I was apparently more interested in reading email and drinking my chai tea than checking to make sure my squash didn’t burn.

This was delicious.  We tend to use the grill 4x as much during the winter than the summer because it’s so ridiculously hot here over the summer and the husband has this thing about grilling when it’s warmer than 55*.


I also had a honeycrisp and am planning on the usual for dessert.  

I should note that I attempted to do a yoga podcast tonight, but I just haven’t taken enough yoga classes to remember the poses without a lot of help.  It’s not really relaxing or effective to have to pause the podcast every 2 minutes to look up the pose.  So I’m going to TiVo a couple classes and try that for a while.

Tomorrow, I need to stay late at the office to make some progress on homework.  Ugh.  But I do plan on running sprints on the treadmill when I get home and maybe if I talk about it, I’ll actually do it.  Maybe.

Regardless, Thursday tomorrow + Friday the day after?  Yes please!

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  1. December 3, 2009 5:28 AM

    Sorry the podcast didn’t work out that well 😦 Tivo’ing episodes on tv sounds like a good idea, though!

  2. Paige permalink
    December 3, 2009 5:47 AM

    Saw your post on gluten free bee. I live in Collin County and was loving the snow yesterday! So weird to have it this early, it felt like a blessing!

  3. December 3, 2009 8:27 PM

    Oh my gosh- people are the SAME way in Charleston and we rarely ever get flurries. But everyone totally freaks out and talks about it like we’re getting a massive snow storm haha. Great dinner. Funny thing- Josh likes yellow squash but hates zuch?? Coffee stains your tongue?? Whatever- worth it 😉

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