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Time flies

December 8, 2009

Does anyone else feel that this year has absolutely flown by?  Tomorrow is Wednesday and yet it feels like it was just Friday yesterday.   I remember as a kid that I felt like days dragged on and on and on.  It took forever for summer to arrive and even longer for Christmas to come, but now it feels like it was just Christmastime even though we’re coming up on another one.

I hope life slows down just a bit.  I don’t want to turn around and be 40.

Decent day at the job-o today.  Coming up on year-end, I have a gazillion to-dos but the real crazy time will start Jan 1st when I start the accounting close for December.  I drone on and on about how busy my job is, but I really prefer to be busy.   I would really hate having a job where I watched the clock.  As it is, I often look up and it’s 6:30 and I wonder where everyone went.

Speaking of time flying, it has apparently been quite a while since I last got my hair done because I’m starting to look a little like Courtney Love, pre-rehab.

Well, I don’t carry around cigarettes but with the eau de campfire I’ve been sporting lately and my dark roots, I’m a sight (and smell) for sore eyes (and noses).


[ Source ]

The house still smells pretty smoky but we’ve taken to leaving all the windows open during the day and leaving countless bowls of vinegar out to absorb the remaining smoke.  You would think the house would smell like vinegar, which would be rather preferable to smoke, at this point, but it doesn’t.  We’ve also been dousing the carpets with Arm & Hammer and it’s helping a little.

For dinner tonight, I wanted to eat the last hamburger patty from Sunday.  I thought about making a salad with it – one of my most favorite cheap meals out is the “Burger & Greens” from Red Robin – but decided that I really enjoy it as a typical burger, as in, between two slices of bread.


Plus pickles – some people eat them ON the burger, I eat mine on the side.

This was on Kinnikinnick bread.  I’ve made my own before, I’ve tried a gazillion brands, but I like this stuff the best.

And fries, of the butternut squash variety.


And then while I was on a business call – at 8 pm, mind you – Matt made an impromptu pasta dish which I was happy to eat.


Very simple – just a blonde roux, a little butter, lemon juice, fresh parm, fresh parsley, a little milk, and roasted garlic olive oil. 

Watching the Biggest Loser finale now – can’t believe the difference for some of them – and then to bed for an early night so I can get up early tomorrow and do it all over again.  🙂

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  1. December 9, 2009 5:12 AM

    hahahaha, you are too funny.

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