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Christmas Eve, Numero Uno

December 11, 2009

Does it feel like the Holidays to you yet?

I’m sort of feeling the season:  It’s cold (for Texas, anyway) outside.  Christmas carols are playing everywhere.  The malls are mobbed.   I’ve bought Christmas cards (and signed some of them already) and we’re wrapping presents tonight.

But since we decided not to decorate this year (we’ll be out of town for a good portion of the rest of the year), our house isn’t feeling very Christmas-y, which is what usually puts me in the Christmas mood.

But tomorrow is Christmas with my parents, which makes tonight Christmas Eve.  I know that drinking Egg Nog (Silk Nog is my current Nog of choice), eating Eggs Benedict, and putting up the tree will put me in the mood.  I’m very excited!

[ Backing up… ]

I ate some soup for lunch yesterday that didn’t agree with me.  I know it has been in the freezer since at least May, if not far earlier than that.  I didn’t think frozen food could go bad, but clearly this one did.  It wasn’t a glutening – more of a food poisoning-like episode instead.  I did eat dinner last night – PB&J on a Kinnikinnick english muffin – but didn’t remember to take a picture.

I’m still feeling pretty yucky, but I had to eat dinner tonight too.  What I was really craving was traditional spaghetti with meat sauce and perhaps some garlic bread.  But I wanted to incorporate some major veggies into the meal and didn’t want to take the time to make a sauce, so I compromised.


Garlic “bread” made out of a Kinnikinnick English Muffin with a little olive oil butter, garlic powder, and parsley.  These “english muffins” are the most bread-like of any GF product I’ve ever tried, but they don’t really remind me of english muffins in anything but their shape, which I find to be a good thing – they’re more versatile.  I practically lived off of them when I first went GF and I still love them.


Plus asparagus, carrots, red peppers, snap peas, and yellow squash with marinara and mozzarella.

All together now.


Dessert was half of this Scharffen Berger bar that I bought in San Francisco at the Foodbuzz Festival.


Delicious.  Very floral tasting in a good way.

I ate my chocolate whilst reading my Social Security statementApparently, I’ve been getting these for years and the husband has just been shredding them on my behalf.  Granted, there isn’t anything exciting on there (except for seeing how much more money I make now than I did in college – that’s pretty cool), but I wish I’d seen one before now!

Note to Husband:  Don’t shred my stuff!  🙂

Off to wrap presents, drink some tea, and start feelin’ the fact that Christmas is right around the corner!

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  1. December 12, 2009 12:46 AM

    It’s strange but ever since the Fbzfest, whenever I hear about the GF diet I think of you. I’m glad companies are coming up with edible GF products now.
    But I had no idea that you can’t eat bulghur or oats or barley…haha, just learned that in this radio channel…

    Goodness. How did that chocolate last until now?! Mine would have been gone the first day! xD

  2. December 12, 2009 6:22 AM

    I’m glad you’re feeling better! Dinner looks awesome. I love veggies in marinara (or…pretty much anything in marinara :)). I cannot believe Christmas is like two weeks away! Craziness! We’re doing some Christmasy things today which will hopefully put me in a more christmasy mood too. Enjoy your first “christmas”

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