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Green Day

February 5, 2010

4 types of gorgeous greens.

  1. Chocolate spinach protein shake.  (Use your imagination for a pic) I thought the chocolate protein powder and unsweetened cocoa powder provided enough of a brown hue to cover up the spinach, but one of my employees walked up to my desk and squealed:  “It’s really green today!” 
  2.   Guacamole + Nut Thins


Have I professed my undying love for these Pecan Thins?  They’re amazing – salty, crunchy, mild but perfect with any dip.  They hold up well to dips and don’t get soggy and have a slight buttery flavor.  And the best part?  Available at regular grocery stores, not just specialty health food stores.  (A big plus in my book)

The husband even loves them.  We have a hard time keeping them in the house.

3.  Collard chips

The main reason I don’t make kale chips very often is that no grocery store around here sells pre-cut, pre-washed kale.  Seems as if that wouldn’t be that big of a deal, but I’m big on things that take little to no time to prepare.

I didn’t know that it would work with collards.  Lets be honest – I didn’t have full faith it would work with kale, either.  But it did!


They don’t look like anything special, but I think I might –possibly- like them even more than kale chips.  They taste really similar but take about 1/5th of the time to make since I can buy 5 lb. bags of pre-washed, pre-chopped collards very easily. 

I sprayed them with olive oil, sprinkled with kosher salt and baked these guys at 350* for 10 minutes and 375* for 5. 

4.  B. Sprouts


Back to the time-saving thing.  I know a lot of people eat their brussels whole, so I decided to go that route tonight. 

They definitely weren’t as good.  Something about the nice level of char on the cut side and top make the usual style super delicious – creamy on the inside, crunchy and salty on the outside.  I didn’t really get that with these.  Sure, they were softer inside, but the perfect level of salty, crunchy goodness was missing.

Still, they’re roasted brussels – they can’t be bad.

Tomorrow, my best friend is coming into town for the weekend to make up for the weekend a  couple weeks ago when I had to skip out on her.   We have a semi low-key day/night planned, but a visit to the wine bar is definitely in order.  I love having someone to drink wine with!  My other wine buddy is pregnant.

What are your weekend plans?  We’re hanging out with Kara tomorrow and are hosting a SuperBowl party on Sunday.

3 Comments leave one →
  1. February 6, 2010 6:31 AM

    What a fabulous idea with the collard chips!

    We are snowed in again…..third weekend this year. I hate it.

  2. February 6, 2010 6:39 AM

    Yayy for green. I want to pick up some single servings of guac=deliciousness. I love brussels halfed, quartered, shaved, whole- all yummy! Hope you have fun with your friend! We had a work dinner for Josh last night at a nice restaurant in Boston, teaching this morning, out to a movie tonight, teaching sunday and then having people over for the super bowl!

  3. Lindsey permalink
    February 11, 2010 8:50 PM

    I’ve found so many of my new favorite foods from here, but I still can’t get down with the brussel sprouts!

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