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Manic Monday (and Saturday and Sunday)

February 15, 2010

Hope you all had a nice weekend!   Mine went by waaaay too fast.   Doesn’t that always happen?  When was the last time you heard someone say, “Man, why won’t this weekend just get over with already?”

Yeah.  Never.


I woke up early, ate a Lara, did a little work and then scrubbed every inch of the master shower.  I discovered that few things work as well as Scrubbing Bubbles and that Scrubbing Bubbles plus a stiff scrubby brush is unbeatable.   There really are few things in life as satisfying as a squeaky clean bathroom.

For lunch, I had a veggie sandwich.


Starrrrring guacacmole!


  • Kinnikinnick sandwich bread
  • guac
  • pepperjack cheese
  • baby spinach
  • zucchini planks
  • green pepper strips (I prefer red, but had to settle for green since that’s all we had)


Plus a veggie plate because –let’s be honest here- I needed an excuse to eat more guacamole.

Because lunch had no protein and my stomach was rumbling just a few hours later…


  • oikos
  • pumpkin
  • applesauce
  • flax
  • chia
  • stevia, cinnamon, nutmeg

And a couple hours later:  pizza and ice cream!



Pizza Crust (that I sadly didn’t bake long enough) with sauce, part-skim mozzarella, green pepper, spinach, and Hormel Turkey Pepperoni.

To top it off:


Simple:  fat-free plain yogurt mixed with stevia, cocoa powder and a drop of vanilla.  Churned in the ice cream maker for 25 minutes and kissed with chocolate chips.

So. good.



Woke up early again – what is up with my recent lack of an ability to sleep in?!?!?

Breakfast was another Lara and a cheese stick as we ran out the door to run errands.  I found the love of my life at the cool Korean grocery store a few blocks away and we spent roughly and arm and a leg on what will probably only end up being a week to a week and a half of groceries.

Something about being around food for hours made me ravenous, so I made a fabulous sandwich when I got home.


Butterball hickory smoked turkey breast, a slice of colby jack, spinach, tomato and a teeny bit of mayo.  I didn’t use to like mayo on my sandwiches but I think it has a great flavor if you don’t slather it on.

Plus green ginger lemonade.


  • kale
  • romaine
  • lemon
  • small apple
  • cucumber
  • stevia

For dinner, we had planned on blackening red snapper with grilled asparagus and potato circles.

Sadly, we did not speak enough Korean to understand that the fish market guy wasn’t going to filet the fish for us.  But we weren’t going to give up so we rolled up our sleeves and got to work with the handy filet knife we’ve never used…. And after 15 frustrating minutes and hands that still smell like fish, we had chunks of fish but no filet.  What a waste.

Dinner might have been unconventional, but it was pretty good anyway.


Roasted asparagus with a simple dijon-honey-olive oil drizzle, about a potato and a quarter’s worth of potato circles (basically, baked potato slices) and lots of ketchup.

Oh, and my new boyfriend.



I sliced him in half, used a grapefruit spoon (which I’ve never understood why anyone eats a grapefruit like that – way more enjoyable to peel and eat like an orange) to scrape out the seeds, and put him cut side down in a 9×13 pan with about an inch of water.  Plopped him in a 350* oven for an hour and he was perfect.

I decided to puree him, HEAB-style, and threw in a little olive oil butter, maple syrup, lots of cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla. 

Absolutely fabulous.  So thick and pudding-like.

Manic Monday

I drank my weight in wine last night and woke up quite early at 3:45 this morning.  On one hand, I’m kind of happy about these early risings because I’ve never enjoyed the fact that I often have to hit snooze for an hour and a half to face the day, but… there’s something not-so-great about waking up in a stress-induced panic about something you have forgotten.  It must be some sort of mental survival thingy.  :/

I hit up the gym at 4:15 this morning and did a fabulous, if not half awake, half hour on the stair climber and a round of full body weights.   Happy Monday to me!

Work was crazier than usual and I was absolutely famished when I walked in the door.

Leftover love squash to the rescue!


So good cold.  I bet if it was blended with cocoa powder and stevia, it would be like chocolate squash pudding.  Oh yum.

Matt slaved around the kitchen all day because he’s a fabulous husband… and because the lucky bastard actually got a holiday today.  He smoked chicken breasts in the smoker with mesquite chips and made a mustard-based BBQ sauce that I will have to convince him to let me post – it’s fabulous.


I made brussels and an enormous salad that I’d been craving all day.


  • red leaf lettuce
  • leftover roasted asparagus
  • zucchini
  • red pepper
  • craisins
  • feta
  • fig balsamic vinegar, good olive oil, salt



I have a date with some chocolate and the largest glass of wine I’ve ever seen (Matt was a little heavy-handed with the pour – think that’s saying something?). 


3 Comments leave one →
  1. February 16, 2010 1:43 AM

    I am drooling over your veggie filled lunch + guac!!! My kind of girl! 😉

  2. February 16, 2010 5:39 AM

    Yes, I am always wishing the weekends were just a hint longer! You had a lot of awesome eats though= veggies and guac are awesome! Avocados are so cheap right now too. The feta/balsamic combo in salads is super tasty. And of course you know I’m loving the looks of those brussels- YUM! Anything exciting planned for this week/weekend?

  3. February 16, 2010 10:53 AM

    mmmmmmmm I love kabocha too 🙂 but i don’t mind sharing him 😉

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