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March 27, 2010

It is SO nice to wake up and realize it is Saturday!  

One of our oldest mutual friends, Thomas, is here visiting us from Oklahoma. 

Thomas, me and Matt at our wedding in 2006:


I’ve been trying (unsuccessfully) to convince him he needs to move to Dallas now that he’s not tied down, but he would have to sell his house in OKC.  Not fun.

So, food yesterday was a little strange.

I left work early and went to the running store to get a pair of compression sleeves.  I ran a lot in college in bad shoes with freakishly high arches (seriously, you can see through to the other side when I’m standing in bare feet) and now have a propensity to get shin splints often.  These were recommended by Healthy Ashley and my buddy at the running store backed it up.

Across from the running store is my favorite grocery store of all time – Market Street.  I stopped in to get some Kinnikinnick english muffins, which just so happen to be my favorite GF bread product of all time.  They were out, but I found Nut Thins which have been sorely absent in my life recently.  I restrained myself from buying their entire stock and came home with 3 boxes.

Something I bought but didn’t come home with?


Glutino Candy Bars.  Um, these things lasted only about 2 seconds into my 8 minute drive home.

Soooo, I wasn’t all that hungry when I arrived home with my loot (which also included a box of Rice Chex and a box of Erewhon Brown Rice Cream hot cereal) but I wanted to have some Nut Thins and Guac because I have missed them so.


Seriously the best GF cracker out there.  Matt eats them too, which says a lot because he usually doesn’t like anything specially GF.  If you haven’t tried them, find them now!

First stop was Pete’s Piano Bar in Addison, which was a blast.



There were also lots of bachlorette party shenanigans happenin’ at Pete’s last night:


I’m so glad my girlfriends didn’t make me wear a pink sparkley cowboy hat with plastic penises suspended from it for my bachlorette party.

Actually, my bachlorette party was right after I went GF, so it took a bit of planning, but it was a really good time.


We went for drinks at a bar called – wait, just wait for it – Drinkz.  I don’t have many pictures from that night because, well, I doubt I could have operated a camera after all the free drinks I got.  🙂

Backing back up to last night, we left the Piano Bar after a couple hours and a couple drinks.


Pete’s wasn’t exactly the place you would find a big wine selection, so I had captain + diet coke. 

I get a lot of questions about what I drink when I go out.   That’s changed over the years as I tend to enjoy wine a lot more now than any other alcoholic beverage (I feel like a commercial saying that).  But I do like mixed drinks and sometimes it’s not possible to find wine out (especially at some of the dives we went to in college) or, if they do serve wine, wine that is suitable for drinking.

In keeping with the Keep It Simple, Stupid approach I take to eating out, I try to make the same choices when drinking out. 

  • soft drink + liquor
  • juice + liquor (although this can be risky if the juice they happen to use has fillers)
  • wine

Liquors, even those made from barley or rye (like whiskey), are GF because the distillation process filters out the protein in the grain.  Wine is also GF, although some people with dairy sensitivities can’t have wine from vineyards that use casein to clarify their wine. 

In general – although, not always – I stay away from margaritas or specialty mixed drinks that have multiple components, for 2 reasons:  a)  bars generally don’t list all the ingredients on the drink menu and fillers like sour mix can often have strange ingredients in them, and b)  the shaker that they use to mix your drink is often not a fresh, clean one.

Occasionally I will have a martini or something that has very simple ingredients and ask them to use a clean shaker . 

It is possible to drink the specialty drinks, but it requires asking for the ingredient list and having a special talk with the bartender – diligence that generally goes out the window after a few drinks.

Most doctors recommend newly diagnosed Celiacs abstain from alcohol while healing.  Since alcohol, especially in excess, can be really hard on our systems, it can exacerbate symptoms.  I didn’t completely stop drinking at all (I was in college, after all!) but I did stick to really simple stuff and not drink as much.

Last night at the last bar, I did have a mochatini, which was simply Stoli Vanil and Kahlua.  As you might imagine based on my coffee obsession, I adore Kahlua.


I talked to the bartender before I ordered it and she confirmed it was only Stoli and Kahlua and that she could make it in a clean shaker.

Unsurprisingly, those chocolate candy things and Nut Thins with guac didn’t exactly keep me full all night.  The bar’s salad offerings were slim to none, so I had a baked potato, which is usually a safe offering.



I generally don’t eat bacon on my potatoes because there isn’t any way to find out how they cooked that bacon before crumbling it.  It’s the little things, like eating bacon on a baked potato that was cooked in a skillet along with something gluteny, that really get you.

I’m feeling good this morning, so I think I made good choices last night.

It’s Saturday, I have a big mug of fabulous coffee and a whole day to do whatever I want.  Life is good!

To dos:

  • 1.5k swim + 5k run
  • grocery shopping
  • laundry

Later 🙂

3 Comments leave one →
  1. March 27, 2010 10:21 AM

    All of this food looks great

  2. March 27, 2010 7:49 PM

    Glad your having fun with your buddy! The housing market is turning around, so maybe he could try soon? Those GF candy bars look awesome. I’ve seen the nut thins at Publix and debated buying them, I think you’ve officially convinced me 🙂 Have a good night

  3. March 28, 2010 5:21 AM

    Wow, great info on drinking out. I am not much of a drinker of anything other than wine but these are good tips for when the time does come.

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