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Long + Hard

March 29, 2010

Recently, Mondays have been my easy days – I get fewer emails than other days of the week and am at my highest level of motivation, so I can sit at my desk and churn through my to-do list.

Today was not so easy. 

It was one of those one-thing-after-another days that started with being a little late (could not get out of bed) and ended with a flat tire.  Thankfully I now have AAA service and ended up having the coolest technician (is that what you would call someone that helps you when you’re stranded on the side of the road?) ever.  Thanks Scott!

Not to be deterred from my plans, I set out on a quick 15 mile ride and was reminded of a very important thing to think about when cycling:  always, ALWAYS head out against the wind.  Always.  Other than the ridiculous wind – Oklahoma and North Texas have surprising amounts of wind – it was a really nice ride.  Something about cycling completely clears my mind. 

Low + slow

I’m not a sweet potato fan.  In fact, a few weeks ago at lunch was the first time I had eaten one in years and years.  But I have suddenly developed an intense craving for them and Kath’s post about the best cooking method couldn’t have come at a better time.

I baked the half-moons at 350* for 40 minutes (had to alter the directions a little to accommodate the tofu and zucchini) and then 400* for 10 minutes.


Served with barbecue-spiced tofu (baked til firm and chewy) and zucchini chips.



Very delicious dinner.


I belong to the group that believes that cravings happen because your body needs something it isn’t getting.  I eat a fair amount of butternut and kabocha squash, but those are about the only orange veggies I eat on a regular basis (I don’t eat lot of carrots).  So maybe my body needed some vitamin A?

I’m pooped after a busy day and a long ride.  Time to park myself on the couch!


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  1. March 29, 2010 8:17 PM

    Glad you made it through your Monday and still managed to sneak in the bike ride! I had roasted sweet potato tonight too- it was delicious. I seem to love all orange foods. Maybe I’m always in need of vitamin A 😉 Hope your Tuesday is a little less stressful

  2. March 29, 2010 8:19 PM

    YUM i love roasty delicious dinners like that! that potato method is great…’specially with some ketchup on the side 🙂

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