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Pea Shortage

April 18, 2010

We have some major sibling appreciation in this house.


It is so hard to be a cat.  😉

Hope you guys had a good weekend!  Ours was pretty uneventful.  We both had rough weeks, so we kept things super low key.

Saturday, we ran errands, did yardwork, and I gave the house a good scrubbing. 

And today, we’ve done little besides watch Spartacus episodes and work.  I got quite a bit done, actually.  I did go for a 4 mile run this afternoon and am currently icing my legs on and off for the rest of the night.

For dinner last night, I made pizza with the Chebe crust mix.  It didn’t turn out well, so we scrapped it and started over with the tried and true recipe I always use.  It’s probably not Chebe’s fault that the crust bombed.  I hate trying to roll out dough – it’s always a sticky, clingy mess – so I add more water to my recipes than they call for and more or less pour it onto a pan and use a spatula to “spread”.  Way, way easier and far less messy than a traditional roll-and-spread method. 


With Ragu (don’t knock it til you try it) pizza sauce, Prudhomme’s Pizza Magic, part-skim mozzarella, green bell pepper rings, and Hormel turkey pepperoni. 

Tonight, I resorted to the freezer for dinner, along with a few things from the fridge.  I *do* try to make more interesting meals when I have time, but sometimes hunger wins out.  One of my New Years Resolutions (of sort) was to eat more meals and less cheese stick + Larabar dinners, so even if I happen to pull out a frozen meal from time to time (um, once a week…), it’s likely more balanced than what I happen to grab as I’m standing in front of the fridge, trying to find something to eat that will take me 0.3 seconds to “cook”.

Speaking of cooking, I fully intended to make a batch of soup for the freezer for lunches as I am completely out.  I even chopped up most of the veggies… I just never got around to throwing it all together.  Guess that’s on the list for next weekend.


At the grocery store yesterday, we saw a huge bag of Mandarins for a couple bucks.  I’ve seen them for years and could never understand why anyone would put the effort into peeling such a tiny little piece of fruit.  You get way more bang for your buck when you spend time peeling an orange or a grapefruit.

But I figured I’d give it a try since they were so cheap.


Um, why didn’t anyone tell me that these are so easy to peel that the peels come off in practically one piece?  SO easy to peel and SO good!  I’ve eaten at least 4 of these today. 

Next up was the easiest easy meal:  mac + cheese + peas + applesauce.


SOMEONE ate all but about 1/3 of a cup of the frozen peas, which is why it looks like I ate mac + cheese + ONE pea for dinner.   We are undergoing a serious pea shortage in this house.  I need to buy more peas and hoard them – my go-to easy meal isn’t so easy when someone eats part of it!

And applesauce with cinnamon and a drop of stevia.  (Did anyone else’s Mom buy the cinnamon applesauce cups for your lunches?)


And the last part of my multi-stage easy dinner:



baby carrots + apple (pink lady) + dark chocolate dreams PB packet

I swear, that stuff tastes like chocolate frosting.  SO, SO good.  And the best part?  Perfect portion control (and the magical words “Gluten Free” on the back).  A jar doesn’t last 10 seconds in my house, but these packets will.


Matt asked me today if I could remember a time – pre GF, of course – that we could kiss each other without doing a gluten check first.  There are so many things that go along with the whole not eating gluten thing that no one knows about unless you are GF.  Kissing your spouse is one of them (unless your spouse is kind enough to go GF with you… I haven’t broken Matt yet). 

What thing – could be a disease, could be a lifestyle change – has changed in your life recently?


I’m going to ice my lower legs again and settle in to watch my favorite night of TV.  Tomorrow, I’m going to the Puddle of Mudd / Saliva / Veer Union / Burn Halo concert (at House of Blues), so I won’t be posting.   I feel very old when I think about the last time I saw Saliva – TEN years ago!

Hope you had a nice weekend!

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  1. April 18, 2010 10:18 PM

    Glad you had a nice, low key weekend. I try to cook as much as I can, but sometimes the thrown together meals (a la cheese stick and lara bar) are just what you want and what you need! The pizza looks fabulous. I’m making pizza pot pies tomorrow night, cannot wait! My mom totally used to buy the cinnamon applesauce cups for us. Now I buy unsweetened apple sauce for my lunch/josh’s lunches

  2. April 19, 2010 6:01 AM

    Sounds like a nice weekend!

    My husband actually recently went gluten free because he doesn’t cook and eats whatever I make. He started noticing that when he ate out or at other peoples houses, gluten-ie things were actually making him sick so he gave it up. Not hard core like me, he seems to tolerate regular oats and that kind of thing.

  3. Heather @ For The Health Of It! permalink
    April 19, 2010 7:58 AM

    Several changes have had an impact on me in the past year…going meat free and becoming a group fitness instructor have both had very positive outcomes.
    Girl, have you been under a rock?!?! Clementines are the best thing since string cheese. lol. They are addicting!!! I’ve got 3 on my desk right now.
    I’m sooo jealous that you are going to that concert tonight! Have fun!

  4. April 19, 2010 9:56 AM

    I can’t find your email address but wanted to thank you for the coffee suggestion! I will be on the lookout for that!

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