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January 16, 2011

When we lived in Oklahoma, Matt and I salivated at the thought of being able to buy fresh fish for dinner.  The freshest you got in Oklahoma was previously frozen tilapia – not exactly anything to write home about.

While Dallas isn’t exactly on the border, it has an impressive amount of (relatively) fresh seafood for a landlocked city.  As we were making plans to move here, we spent hours pouring over seafood cookbooks and dreaming of all the barbecued shrimp and grilled fish we would make.  Unfortunately, most of that has not come to fruition as we are neither good meal planners nor do we like the fish options at the grocery stores nearest us.

So last night, we decided we would go out for our seafood.

We’ve eaten at Chamberlain’s Steak & Chop House several times – it is one of our favorite steakhouses in the D/FW area – but had never made a point to try their sister restaurant, Chamberlain’s Fish Market.

I knew I wanted to try an appetizer (one of my favorite things about seafood restaurants, as the appetizers are usually just that – an appetizer, not a meal) but we couldn’t decide between the ahi tuna with ponzu sauce (the ponzu sauce was not GF because the soy sauce that was part of it was the wheat-containing kind), the smoked scottish salmon with dill tartar sauce, and the U-10 shrimp cocktail.  We went back and forth and finally decided on the shrimp cocktail.

(sorry in advance for the dim pictures)


U-10 shrimp cocktail with remoulade and cocktail sauce


These shrimpies were practically prawns.  It’s ironic that I used to HATE shrimp.  I would avoid it, eat around it, refuse to eat things that contained it.  Now I quite love them.

The remoulade sauce was definitely one of the best I’ve had in a while.  Creamy and perfect.

For the main course, I debated between the Grilled Redfish, cajun spiced, with tabasco butter sauce, the Scottish Salmon with jumbo lump crabmeat, shrimp, white wine, and lemon butter, and the Oak Planked King Salmon with pinot noir peppercorn butter.

Ultimately, I just picked the first thing that popped into my head when time to order: the salmon. Double ironic – I used to hate salmon too.



Oak Planked King Salmon with pinot noir peppercorn butter

Both Matt and I agreed that this was one of the best salmon filets we’ve ever had.  It was perfectly salted and flaky.  The only issue was that I apparently like my salmon more medium-well and this was cooked medium (they told me that when I ordered but I didn’t think about it until it arrived).  I’ll happily eat medium-rare steak but I like my fish to be dead.

And for a side, a baked potato.  Nothing exciting.


We weren’t quite ready to end the night and our server mentioned they had dulce de leche crème brulee, which is my most favorite restaurant dessert ever.  So we indulged.





Add a cup of coffee and I was a truly happy camper.  Winking smile

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  1. January 17, 2011 2:36 AM

    Looks like a fabulous dinner out! Especially that dessert 😉 I grew up disliking shrimp and wouldn’t really give them a go until I was in my 20’s. I still can’t do them cold, but in a warm dish- they’re fabulous! Hope you had a nice weekend 🙂

  2. Cara Goedecke permalink
    February 6, 2011 8:01 AM

    I live in Dallas too! Just moved here last August. Do they have a gluten free menu at Chamberlains? I would love to talk to you about your dining out successes! My e-mail is

    • thedallasceliac permalink*
      February 7, 2011 9:20 PM

      Hi Cara,

      Chamberlain’s doesn’t have a printed GF menu, but the chef is very knowledgeable. I have been impressed with their attention to detail every time we have eaten there.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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