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September 10, 2011


Dear City of Frisco,

Please fix your roads. 

Cracks such as the one in the photo above are ridiculously deceptive and therefore difficult to adequately avoid. I realize this has been the summer from hell, with temperatures regularly hitting 110*, but cracks in the street such as the one shown above (on Parkwood Dr.) are disastrously hazardous, evidenced by the excessive amount of cyclists that have gotten caught in the crack only to have to be taken by ambulance to the hospital, and should not stay unrepaired for long. 

You are the fastest growing city in America.  Surely you have the tax revenue to fix these cracks.  If you need to, justify it as an offset to the mandatory cost of sending a fire truck and crew each time there is an injury.

Add 2 more to the list of injured cyclists as of this morning – 1 with a broken collarbone, 1 with yet undiagnosed injuries.

As the Redman half iron is 2 weeks from today,  we would have had a big problem had one of those cyclists been me.


Lucky To Be In One Piece Today

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  1. September 10, 2011 7:10 PM

    How irritating! I hope the right people see this!

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