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Pizza & Pizookie

September 11, 2011

I’ve recently become a senior citizen on Sunday nights:  dinner before 5,  lights out at 9.

I don’t know if it is because my weekends are as hectic as my work weeks, or that I want to savor every last bit of relaxation before getting back to the grind, but getting all of the necessities out of the way early has become a bit of a priority.

Put off prepping for the week ahead too long and you’ll be simultaneously doing laundry and eating dinner at 11 PM.  Been there, done that – not a pretty picture for a  5 AM wake up.

Neither one of us wanted anything to do with cooking tonight, mainly because we skipped the grocery store this weekend and have the equivalent of a college frat boy’s pantry/fridge ingredients:  dry cereal and beer.  (And not the gluten-free kind either!)  Oh and an entire turkey carcass in our freezer that I swore I was going to make into turkey soup… two Thanksgivings ago.

I went gluten-free in April 2006.  Finding GF food back then was like trying to find a contact lens you dropped on the carpet – nearly impossible and even when you did get lucky, you kind of wished you hadn’t (my contacts seem to attract every stray hair that has ever grown on one of our 3 cats – you basically just have to throw the contact in the trash as soon as you find it, but since cats will eat ANYTHING, you can’t just leave it on the floor to be discovered…. and then eaten).  We were living in Norman at the time and if you’ve ever been to Norman, you know that the city is not exactly known for its vast array of dining options, so we really never ate out.  A Red Robin was built and soon we had ONE option, but it was clear across town and not exactly an every day thing.

Tonight as we pondered where to eat, it struck me as to how many options we now have.  Between chains like Subway and non chains like Chamberlain’s, we really have a lot of places to choose from. 

Had this situation occurred back in Norman, we would have been forced to go to the grocery store.

Tonight, we went out – for pizza!

I don’t think I’ve mentioned my love of BJ’s Brewhouse before.

They drew me in with their gluten-free pizza crust, which is crunchy, delicious, and actually stays in one piece when you pick it up.  The sauce is perfectly spiced and the toppings are really fresh. (FYI – all of their “classic ingredients” except for the meatballs are GF)


(I was really, really hungry and couldn’t wait.  Sorry.)

They brought me back with their tomato & mozzarella (essentially, a caprese salad) salad with the most amazing balsamic glaze. 

(Although to be fair, I would eat balsamic-covered anything)


And they knocked my socks off with their gluten-free pizookie.


Holy goodness.




I’ve never had one of their gluteny pizookies (didn’t discover BJ’s until I was already GF), but this was basically a hot, gooey, melty chocolate chip cookie with vanilla bean ice cream on top.

Seriously.  Salad, Pizza, and PIZOOKIE.  Run, don’t walk!

Their entire GF menu is listed on their website and for those of you that live in the area, there are several located in the Dallas Fort Worth metro.  Enjoy!

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  1. September 11, 2011 6:42 PM

    We always seem to end up in bed early on sundays. What an amazing dinner! The pizza looks awesome-love a thin crust!!!

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