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GF Care Packs

September 26, 2011

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by GFreeConnect to try their Care Packs.  I love trying new GF products whenever I can because I remember when the amount of GF products out there amounted to bread that had the texture (and taste) of sawdust and assorted corn or rice based cereals.  Oh, and the occasional energy bar.

When my Care Pak arrived, I set it on the floor to snap a few official pics…



…which meant that Zeus immediately strolled over to check out what Mom was so excited about.

Inside, the bag contained a ton of products.  Many were single-serving, but there were also full boxes/bags of several items, including a box of Annie’s Gingersnap Bunny Cookies, a bag of Lundberg rice, and a box of Enjoy Life Chocolate Chip Cookies amongst others.  There were also a bunch of coupons for GF products.

More information is listed on the website, but the gist is:

  • Quarterly deliveries shipped to your home for $19.99 for the first Care Pack and $29.99 each pack thereafter
  • Loyalty program with a free 9th care pack after purchase of 8
  • Ability to opt out a month before the quarterly shipment

See the GFreeConnect website for more info.

I think the idea behind the Care Packs is pretty nifty.  Quarterly shipments mean that the packs arrive infrequently enough that there is sufficient time to eat the products and use the coupons before the next shipment, but often enough that there are always new products to try.  The varied full size products, single serving size products and coupons ensure that you aren’t stuck with a bunch of product that you don’t necessarily love but that you have opportunity to try several things to decide if you like them rather than being forced to pay for a full box of something at the grocery store that you may discard after 2 bites.  And, considering how expensive GF products are, the full size products the pack contained alone nearly paid for the pack itself.

But the best part?  It arrives at your home like a quarterly present.  I LOVE getting mail/packages in the mail.

The only drawback to the service is for those of us that have weird secondary food intolerances.  I don’t eat corn or xanthan gum, and a lot of GF products have one or the other, so there were several products that I didn’t get to try (my husband happily hoovered them up, though Winking smile).  However, most of the products were free of super common secondary allergies like dairy and eggs, so for the general GF public, the product selection would be fine.   I plan on emailing the company to see if there is anything they could do for those of us that aren’t just GF, but also corn-free, etc.

Thanks GFreeConnect for the Care Pack!

Disclaimer:  I received the product above for free, however my opinions about such product are my own.

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  1. September 26, 2011 7:25 PM

    Sounds like a cool concept! And i love those brands

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